Voter fraud

It’s just a myth, according to these guys.


Uh huh.


Don’t you just love when you have a manufactured scandal over the firing of 8 US attorneys, some of them fired for (according to the DOJ) not pursing voter fraud allegations aggressively enough, that all of a sudden all that widespread voter fraud that was alleged to have been committed by Republicans against Democrats all of a sudden isn’t considered such a big deal anymore or at the very least is considered ‘overblown’?

I guess that’s the difference between having Democrats controlling Congress and Republicans control it. When Republicans control Congress, voter fraud is “widespread” but when Democrats control it, voter fraud allegations are ‘overblown.’

Here’s another difference between having Democrats in control and Republicans in control. When a Democrat administration fires a US attorney for blatantly political reasons, the media doesn’t care. But when a Republican administration fires US attorneys for allegedly political reasons, they’re all over it.

Speaking of the fired US attorneys, Big Lizards has one of the more definitive posts I’ve read on it.

Update: Here’s more on Dem hypocrisy via Christopher Alleva at The American Thinker.

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