Teresa Heinz Kerry defends Pelosi by playing the “woman card”

Back in early February, when the Pelosi/plane brouhaha was going strong, I blogged about how the Speaker was already playing the victim card by acting like Republicans were opposed to her having use of the plane she was requesting because she was a woman. Republican men, to ‘progressive’ women like Pelosi, only want to ‘hold back’ and ‘discriminate’ against women and ‘keep them in their places’, because they are supposedly ‘intimidated’ by the very idea of a strong woman.

Well, our latest instance of someone invoking the ‘it’s because she’s a woman’ excuse is Senator John Kerry’s wife Teresa, who – like her husband – ‘strongly’ (per the SF Chronicle) defended Pelosi’s trip to Syria against criticism from Ma. Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. I’ll get to the Senator’s comments in a minute, but want to focus first on Mrs. Kerry’s (emphasis added):

Teresa Heinz Kerry also criticized Romney, saying “some segments of our population don’t like uppity ladies — and they call them all kinds of names. And (Pelosi) clearly is a wonderful example of what happens when women get in positions of power. … It’s important to talk with those we disagree with, in particular.”

It is stupid, ignorant remarks like these coming from lefty elites who always fall back on the “Republicans are racists, hate women” etc line when they can’t actually address the substance of the criticism being levelled at one of their own which make my blood boil. I guess Mrs. Kerry would think the Washington Post editorial board is filled with sexist pigs, as is the USA Today’s, apparently. And women like me who criticized Pelosi’s trip? I guess we’re just misogynists (strange as that sounds). Throwing out the ‘it’s because she’s a woman’ line is an attempt to get people to be so afraid of criticizing women in positions of power, because of fear of accusations like that, that they’ll hold back their feelings, rather than speak up and express how they feel, which goes against everything this country stands for. Well, this is one person who will continue to not hold back, and I know I’m far from the only one. ‘Progressive’ women like Heinz Kerry need to stop hiding behind the ‘woman card’ and learn to accept that just because the person in question is a woman, that doesn’t make her immune from criticism. If Pelosi can’t run with the big dogs, then, as they say around these parts, she better get off the porch, and if THK doesn’t have any better response to the legit criticisms being written and said about Pelosi’s Big Adventure, her best bet would be just to stand quietly beside her husband, because opening her mouth on the subject makes her look even more foolish than she already does.

As far as Mrs. Kerry’s line about how “[i]t’s important to talk with those we disagree with, in particular” I wonder if that declaration applies to her feelings about Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Back in late 2005, she wrote a piece strongly critical about what she perceived as the administration’s lackluster response to comments from Ahmeanie in which he stated that Israel should be wiped off the map. She called for the strongest possible condemnations – but not direct talks. Her exact quote:

“The only way to prevent the virus from surviving and spreading,” the former Mrs. Heinz advises, “is to attack, killing it with the strongest possible condemnations before it has a chance to mutate and spread.”

Would she advocate ‘talking’ to the Iranian president, a man she obviously disagrees with – in actuality, despises? Methinks from the tone of her tough talk, the answer would be no. And she’d be right.

But when it comes to playing footsie with the Hamas-supporting, murderer-of-political-enemies leader of Syria? That’s ok. Because Nancy Pelosi’s a woman – and a Democrat one at that – and the appearance of the third in line to the presidency standing next to a Middle Eastern thug in a suit and a fake smile makes Democrats – in particular, Democratic women – feel important, powerful, influential. Never mind how it undermines US policy towards a country suspected of knowing far more about the Islamofascists pouring over their border into Iraq than they are letting on. It’s all about appearances and one-upping the opposition by acting like they’re more ‘enlightened’ and have all the answers.

Senator Kerry’s comments are another matter entirely:

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry came to the strong defense of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday for her trip to the Mideast, saying in San Francisco that a high-profile critic of the trip, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has little credibility on the issue.

Romney’s “knowledge of foreign affairs extends to briefing papers — not experience,” Kerry said of the former Massachusetts governor. “I’d rather have Nancy Pelosi’s input than his.”

Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, visited San Francisco on Thursday to talk about their new book, “This Moment on Earth: Today’s Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future.”

But the couple also weighed in on current political issues.

On the Democratic speaker’s Mideast visit, which included a meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad, Kerry said, “It’s terrific that she went to Syria. We are a separate branch in the United States Congress, and the administration needs to remember that.

“She’s not there to make policy,” he said of the San Francisco lawmaker. “She’s there to fact-find and explore policies, to have a better sense of what our choices and options are,” Kerry said, noting that he was among the members of the House and Senate who visited Assad in the past few months.

Of course, Kerry has to defend Pelosi because 1) she’s a member of his party, 2) he doesn’t want his wife to lump him in with ‘woman-hating Republicans’, 3) he’s cozied up to Assad, too, and 4) Kerry has a history of trying to ‘make nice’ with America’s enemies. Criticizing her would be like criticizing himself.

Just when I thought Democrats in this country couldn’t possibly be anymore clueless comes this issue, which is one of so many in which Democrats have demonstrated they have absolutely zero ability to conduct themselves in manners befitting the offices they hold. They won’t accept that Syria is a state-sponsor of terror, and is a country that believes in and supports the recognition of the terrorist group Hamas as a ‘legitimate political outfit’. The Kerrys of the world also refuse to entertain the possibility that Assad and co. likely know more about the Islamic terrorists who have travelled to Iraq in order to kill our troops and innocents than they’ll ever admit. They, in their willful blindness, and legendary stupidity, actually think that they have the key to solving the problems in the Middle East, and that all it will take is a smile, a handshake, a ‘yes’ answer to the generic question they ask of these ‘leaders’: ‘do you want peace?’, and an admission of ‘understanding on the part of the US’ and a request for ‘all sides to come to together’ for it to just magically happen.

Sorry, dunce. That fantasy might go over well when you’re discussing it over caviar and wine with your fellow limousine liberals, but the real world doesn’t work that way.

Thank you, America, for not voting this ‘two for one’ package deal into the WH. No, I’m not always satisfied with our current leadership, but at least we don’t have a terror appeasing CIC and a pseudo-intellectual First Lady making us look like spineless fools.

John Kerry: Bad for America during Vietnam, and bad for America now.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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