We’ll never forget

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In many cities, vigils, moments of silence, and days of mourning have all been held or declared in honor of those slain in Monday morning’s massacre at VTech. VTech declared today “Hokie Hope” day.

I didn’t know this until last night, but there is a Charlotte chapter of the VTech Alumni Association, and it boasts that North Carolina is “home to the second largest contingent of Hokies outside Virginia.”

Last night, they had a memorial service at Myers Park Methodist Church in which 800 people attended. 33 candles were lit, and the church bell rang 33 times, which means they included Cho.

Here’s a list of other vigils in Charlotte that have been held in honor of the VTech victims this week.

MSNBC has a slide show and stories telling you a little bit about the victims and who they were.

We won’t forget:

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