VIDEO: John Edwards appeases a 9-11 WTC building 7 Truther, promises to ‘look into’ what happened

Man, oh man. I had to watch this twice just to make sure I heard him correctly. A Truther who thinks the WTC building 7 was blown up on 9-11 has asked Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards what he was going to do about the ‘controversy’ they’ve created over what happened to WTC building 7. The conspiracy from the Truthers is that the Bush admin had it blown up. Edwards’ answer to the Truther? He’s going to look into it. He actually gets the guy to leave his name and other information so he can get back with him on what he finds out.

Note how many other people in that room knew exactly what the Truther was talking about, and even tried to provide Edwards with some helpful tempts to prompt him to ‘remember’ WTC 7. These people have freaking lost it. And, like I’ve said before, provide more proof that moonbattism is no longer the fringe in the Democratic party: It’s the mainstream.

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