Al Gore trivia

Did you know that Al Gore was an Iraq war “warmonger” back in 1992? I didn’t either, until I saw the following clip, which is of the Goracle taking the former Bush administration to task over their supposed ignoring of …

… Saddam’s ties to terror.

Bryan at Hot Air sets the stage for Gore’s comments:

The thesis of the Gore speech: Reagan-Bush had looked the other way and let Saddam Hussein become a terroristic menace and a WMD developer. They had ignored Saddam’s many operational ties to terrorists over the years so they could maintain relations with him and offset the threat from the mullahs in Iran. Reagan-Bush and then Bush 41 on his own had shown weakness in the face of the threat from Saddam’s Iraq, a weakness that was not offset even by the 1991 Gulf War victory. Gore’s speech was intended to make an issue of Republican weakness in the face of terrorism, and in the face of Saddam’s hard and verified connections to terrorism in particular.

Wait no longer – here’s video of the speech:

Now, this wouldn’t by chance be Gore engaging in shameless political opportunism back then over the Iraq war under the command former President Bush, just as he has been over the last several years, albeit flip-flopping to the other side, against current President Bush, would it?

Nah …

13 thoughts on “Al Gore trivia

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  2. This is absolutely priceless!!!

    Algore’s followers and the MSM will ignore this and pretend it never happened.

    But I do expect to see it a lot more IF he chooses to jump in the race later on. A real John Kerry moment.

    “Ah was all for invading Iraq before I was against it” :))

  3. What? A democrat following the polls to determine what his stance is on an issue????


  4. I’m not sure what you’re all upset about. It’s all OK. Really.

    Al has set up a company to sell offsets for people who speak out of both sides of their mouth, and he invested, er, I mean bought, enough “honesty offsets” to cover anything he says, right up through November of 2008.

    Even if he cranks out 20 times the lies of the average American…. l-)

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  7. So he was against Bush 41’s inaction, but against Bush 43’s action? How did Saddam change from a weapon of mass destruction international terrorist harborer,to a monster we could deal with?

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  9. How did Saddam change from a weapon of mass destruction international terrorist harborer,to a monster we could deal with?

    That’s easy, Tom. A Republican president took action against him. Once that happens, it was inevitable that the Dems would find him harmless as a lamb.

    Sort of like the way the the left portrays jihadis as an unstoppable force overseas – the new minutemen, as Michael Moore calls them. But as soon as they find their way into the US, they become nothing more than poor misunderstood and slighty unintelligent victims.

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