McCain: Pandering in San Fran


Wonder if he’ll soon start waging a war on plastic bags in a show of solidarity?

In related Republican presidential candidate news, Mitt Romney continues an upward climb, and is now polling ahead in New Hampshire, while Rudy announced his “12 Commitments to the American People” today (not to be confused with Hillary’s “9 Point” economic program).

4 thoughts on “McCain: Pandering in San Fran

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  2. McCain just never seems to grow on me. Every time he says something that makes him seem … well, sane! … he then opens his mouth to reveal his basic political tone-deafness, and lack of sanity.

  3. McCain sunk his ship with me in the 2000 race. All I see in this man since then was a political opportunist. He is to hostile and flip flops like a fish outta water. I just wish he would give up these crazy idea of his presidency. – Lorica

  4. Mr McCain’s presidential bid is toast. It went into the tank along with the immigration “reform” bill. >:/

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