Childish Democrats in Broward County

Posted by: ST on June 13, 2007 at 4:50 pm

Brian at Iowa Voice has the details on the story of Democrat officials in Broward County (Florida) who are putting politics above public safety.

With juvenile antics like these on top of their inability to understand how to vote (see the 2000 election for more on that), it makes one wonder if there’s a Democrat in Broward County with an IQ above 50.

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    1. Tell the mindless imbeciles they don’t need to listen to the weather broadcasts or show any care and concern for the safety for those who elected these nincompoops. Feel free to move about the country. Isn’t there an entire region who have the sane viral strain of BDS that these capricious twits suffer with, in NO. They don’t get the weather info thingy, et al, either.

    2. CZ says:

      There is one thing that the loopy lefties hate most and that is a level playing field. It means they can’t win and that’s when they exhibit this sort of irresponsible behavior.

      One radio station broadcasting emergency information during a hurricane will only help those who are old, poor, cripple or financially unable to “get out” during a disasterous hurricane event.

      These are the folks who push their luck and choose to stay. They may or may not have a battery powered radio. It is times like this when these folks really rely on local gummint assistance before the disaster happens. Women and minorities will suffer most, as they like to say.

      Most hurricane warnings are broadcast a few days in advance. Those who are able will board up and evacuate. I sure would.

      Then there are those few occasions where the local gummint polecats arrogantly ignore their public safety responsibility and choose to leave school busses in flooded parking lots instead of proactively taking control by executing an evacuation preparedness plan to help those who cannot help themselves. You know, doing their jobs and such.

      But that doesn’t happen very often. Nope.:-"

    3. Great White Rat says:

      Give the Broward County Dems time….they’ll make Ray Nagin look like a master of preparedness.

    4. forest hunter says:

      Maybe the cowards of Broward are trying to start a TV program based on the Dukes of Hazard, except they have no cool characters, cars or clues.

    5. benning says:

      They’re partisan fools. May the next hurricane remove them from the state and carry them to California where they will be quite happy.

    6. PCD says:

      Are the Democrats of Broward County trying to become the next mass entry for a Darwin Award?