Incompetent liberal bloggers call The Politico incompetent for reporting on the incompetent Reid’s calling General Pace incompetent

What.A.Mess. Captain Ed sorts through it here and links to a Fox News report that notes Reid confirmed the comments he made about Pace.

I’m not really sure what all the fuss is about in the leftosphere. I mean, they are actually feeling insulted that anyone would dare accuse a fellow Democrat of insulting anyone in the military, when in reality it’s well known that the Nutroots left digs it when Democrats take potshots at the military (especially when they come from veterans in the House). This time around though, it appears they’ve looked in the mirror and are trying to deny what they’ve seen. Or more to the point, they are trying to hide their true colors – colors that others have seen and reported on.

Keep up the good work, John Bresnahan!

Update: Here’s a retraction on the ‘he didn’t say that’ retort – sort of.

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