“Bbbbut we’re not trying to bring back the Fairness Doctrine!!!!”

Posted by: ST on June 22, 2007 at 3:34 pm

This would be hilarious if it weren’t such a serious issue related to our free speech rights. The Nutroots left is actually trying to persuade people that they are ‘not’ in favor of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine – even though the things their advocating reeks of exactly the type of rules and regs and restrictions the Fairness Doctrine put in place. Seriously. Read some of the arguments posted at that link.

This is so typical of the left. It’s kinda like when they talk about “bringing our troops home now” yet when you accuse them of wanting to cut and run, they shout, “bbbbut I never said we should cut and run!” as if they actually have to say the words for you to know what they’re talking about. Priceless.

Check out what Tim Karr at the HuffPo had to say:

The report has clearly touched a raw nerve among these folks. Perhaps their attack is prompted more out of fear than anger. Fear of a media system that better reflects the diversity of the Americans it’s supposed to serve — and one that is less of an echo chamber for those that now control what millions of people hear when they scan the dial.

“Our goal is not less speech, it’s more speech,” said Ben Scott, policy director for Free Press and co-author of the report. “We want more voices on the radio.”

Isn’t conservatism all about localism? What could be more local than radio programming that’s rooted in the community?

This sort of independence and diversity in the media should be a rallying cry for true conservatives and not cause for division and alarm.

These people are completely fanatical, frenzied, and fascistic in their demands for ‘equality in broadcasting’ courtesy of the state. Never, ever let the left get away with telling you they’re the true ‘protectors’ of free speech – I’ve always snickered when I’ve heard them make that claim in so many words before, but I’m not laughing now, because what they’re advocating goes against everything this country stands for.

Here’s all you need to know about MORA (Media Ownership Reform Act), in particular:

IV. Establishes a New Media Ownership Review Process

MORA creates a new review process, to be carried by the FCC every three years, on how the commission’s regulations on media ownership promote and protect localism, competition, diversity of voices, diversity of ownership, children’s programming, small and local broadcasters, and technological advancement. The bill requires the FCC to report to Congress on its findings.

V. Requires Reports for Public Interest

MORA requires broadcast licensees to publish a report every two years on how the station is serving the public interest. The legislation also requires licensees to hold at least two community public hearings per year to determine local needs and interests.

Here’s the “fact sheet” and the “co-sponsors” for this bill in the House.

Surrrrrre it’s not the Fairness Doctrine reborn … !

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More from Brian Maloney: “Talk Radio Report Downplayed Actual ‘Progressive’ Content.”

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  • 14 Responses to ““Bbbbut we’re not trying to bring back the Fairness Doctrine!!!!””


    1. Tango says:

      …I can’t imagine anyone with half a brain falling for the line these liars are spewing. :(|)

    2. Vannek says:

      All of this talk about regulating media outlets was getting me really angry and really depressed until I realized that 90% of the conservative talk programs that I like, I listen to as webfeeds or podcasts. How on earth will any federal agency ever be able to regulate all of the U.S.-based Internet sources, the cable tv channels, the satellite tv channels, etc. let alone the international ones? This is all just a lot of bluster and bravado to make the mental midgets in Congress feel powerful and important.

    3. NC Cop says:

      Oh, but since the dems are sooooooooo concerned about fairness and balance, I’m sure they will be coming out with some government regulations for all of the print media that is overwhelmingly left leaning. Right?

    4. mikem says:

      You got it, NC Cop. Try even hinting at the type of diversity demamds that liberals are calling for in talk radio formats to be applied to ABC, CBS, CNN, NY Times etc. and they would scream bloody murder about Bush’s America regulating free speech.
      But you know what. They won’t get what they are demanding, but they will get what they are working at. And that is to further the view of talk radio as an unfair, therfore illegitimate, format for public discussion. Too much of the “wrong” views get through.

    5. Great White Rat says:

      And of course, the libs are lying when they say they haven’t had these plans on their minds for quite a while. James Imhofe heard Boxer and the Hildebeest discussing it three years ago.

      Best part of the story:

      They were outraged by something you said or Rush Limbaugh or somebody said that upset them. They said, ‘We have got to do something about this, these are nothing but far-right wing extremists. We’ve got to have a balance, there’s got to be a legislative fix to this.'”

      He added: “As we got off the elevator, I said, ‘You gals don’t understand. This is market-driven and there’s no market for your liberal tripe.'”

      Well, of course. I mean, when’s the last time any liberal understood anything about the free market?

      But they do understand about controlling and stifling free speech. It’s something we should never lose sight of.

    6. Tom TB says:

      WABC in NYC has tried left-wing talk show hosts over and over in the years I’ve listened to the station. They have tried a liberal former Mayor (Ed Koch), a liberal former Governor (Mario Cuomo), and a leftist that Ed Koch described as being “to the left of chairman Mao”. If all you can hear is the crickets chirping on call-in talk radio when you hire an Al Franken, the public has spoken with their silence!

    7. Great post, Sister. I don’t think there’s any doubt that if or when the Democrats get total power in WDC they’ll tro to implement this monstrosity.

      The left has the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, Time, Newsweek, the Associated Press, and academia, and they complain about talk radio?

    8. forest hunter says:

      forest, I saw your comment after I put up my post about this – just moved your comment to that thread. –ST

    9. forest hunter says:

      Thank you ST! I wanted it to be seen in all it’s glory. The simps that extract a wage from this kind of bamboozling **** **** need to be horse whipped………. daily if necessary.

    10. Drewsmom says:

      Its not the fault of onservative talk radio that NOBODY wants to listen to the weenie left pinkie radio talkers, they just don’t, period, END OF STORY.

    11. KauaiMark says:

      Let’s have the government eliminate the yearly call for increasing the H-1B quota, charge $1m for each H-1B visa granted and charge a yearly fee of $100k to keep it.

      I predict that companies would suddenly find lots and lots of “qualified” U.S. engineers.

      This would be a win/win/win solution. More U.S. workers have jobs, the companies that still need imported workers could hire as many H-1B’s as they could afford and the government gets a new income source to help offset the budget deficit.

      (I wonder if “Carbon Life Form Offset Credits” would work in this situation. Quick, get Al on the phone!…)