Goracle: I could have saved the planet had I been elected president

Posted by: ST on June 25, 2007 at 3:28 pm

Ok – he didn’t say it in those exact words, but I’m sure that’ll be the exact impression you get when you read this piece from the UK Independent (emphasis added):

In an extraordinary outburst aimed at America’s failure to tackle global warming, Al Gore says that if scientific agreement on the climate crisis had been reached sooner it would have been easier to “galvanise the public and persuade Congress to act”.

The failed presidential candidate claims that the stronger scientific consensus he knew was about to emerge meant “we in the US were about to shift into high gear in addressing the climate crisis”. Mr Gore argues that if he had made it to the White House, he would have been able to use the office as a “bully pulpit” to achieve change.

“The nature and severity of the climate crisis had seemed painfully obvious to me for quite a long time,” claims Mr Gore, writing in a new foreword to a revised edition of his book, Earth in the Balance, being published this week.

In a swipe at the scientific community, he says: “I wish that we could have had in the 1990s the deafening scientific consensus that has emerged in more recent years.”

Mr Gore accuses his nemesis, President George Bush, of having taken “virtually no steps to address the problem. Worse, he and Vice President Cheney have led the nation in precisely the wrong direction.”

He goes on to detail how the Bush administration reversed a pledge to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant, pulled out of negotiations on the Kyoto treaty and replaced key scientific advisers with ones suggested by oil giant ExxonMobil.

The point of no return will be reached within 10 years, the former vice president says, and we cannot wait any longer to solve the crisis. He blames a focus on instant gratification for the “exclusion of long-term consequences in our decisions and policies” and writes about his “mission of solving the climate crisis”. His Oscar-winning documentary on climate change, An Inconvenient Truth, became the surprise box-office hit of 2006.

Mr Gore claims that concerns over the environment formed his “principal agenda for eight years in the White House”. But he is light on details of what he did while in office, beyond a brief mention of his work with the Kyoto treaty (which was never ratified by Congress).

During his tenure as vice president, America’s carbon dioxide emissions shot up far faster than at any time in modern history – by 15 per cent, compared to just 1.65 per cent during President Bush’s first term.

Heh. I’m sure that was the Republicans in Congress’ fault … remember, nothing is ever Gore’s fault. He’s always one who is ahead of the curve.

The graphic Noel Sheppard has up is almost perfect for this story – and the egomaniac it’s about. It would have been perfect had it included the face of the fire-breathing Al.

“You will listen. And you will learn!!!!!!!”

More: Slate.com‘s Emily Yoffe chastizes Gore and his gloom and doom predictions about the environment.

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16 Responses to “Goracle: I could have saved the planet had I been elected president”


  1. Severian says:

    Gee Al, if you always thought it was that serious, maybe you should have convinced your pal Bubba to actually submit the Kyoto treaty to Congress for ratification, rather than signing it with no intention of ever submitting it. Nah….l-)

  2. LOL Sev … seems like I read somewhere (forget where) that Gore didn’t ‘push’ the global warming issue because he was afraid that Clinton would ‘steal’ it from him. Have you heard anything along those lines?

  3. Severian says:

    Never heard that one ST but that’s just rich. So, it’s life and death critically important, but only if he can get credit for it! That’s just, wow, for once words fail me! :-"

    That one almost made my head explode.

  4. Great White Rat says:

    There’s a reason they never submitted Kyoto for ratification, of course.

    The Senate was already on record as opposing it, for some very good reasons:

    From Senate Resolution 98:

    …the Senate strongly believes that the proposals under negotiation, because of the disparity of treatment between Annex I Parties and Developing Countries and the level of required emission reductions, could result in serious harm to the United States economy, including significant job loss, trade disadvantages, increased energy and consumer costs, or any combination thereof:

    Oh, and so the Goracle doesn’t try pretending this was some GOP partisan resolution, the vote was 95-0. The Clinton administration couldn’t even convince the likes of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Barbara Boxer to vote for it.

  5. Great White Rat says:

    That’s just, wow, for once words fail me!

    Sev, you shouldn’t be surprised. After all, this is the same al-Gore who voted for the Gulf War resolution in 1991 only because the pro-resolution side offered him more TV time than the anti-resolution side. To him, self-promotion is the only important thing.

  6. Severian says:

    Mr Gore claims that concerns over the environment formed his “principal agenda for eight years in the White House”.

    I think Gore’s principal agenda as VP was trying to stay out of Hillary’s way.

  7. I think Gore’s principal agenda as VP was trying to stay out of Hillary’s way.

    I think Gore’s principal agenda as VP was Al Gore. :))

  8. Leslie says:

    Does Gore do the fire breathing thing before or after he pulls the rabbit out of his hat?


  9. Great White Rat says:

    Al Gore has roughly the same credibility in scientific matters that Mike Nifong has in legal ethics. :d

  10. Tom TB says:

    Drudge tried calculating how much jet fuel Algore used to fly around the world “saving” it. I wonder what the total amount of CO2 emmissions this guy puts forth in a year? More than a NASCAR race season I reckon.

  11. Lorica says:

    /Yawn Is this guy still around??? Why is he still speaking?? He is a hypocrite of Global (Warming) proportions. He is a liar, he is a political opportunist, his only real concern is Al.

    I love it!!

    Mr Gore claims that concerns over the environment formed his “principal agenda for eight years in the White House”. But he is light on details of what he did while in office, beyond a brief mention of his work with the Kyoto treaty (which was never ratified by Congress).

    You know what else this bb brained individual did?? He sold an oil field to his Mom’s Oil Corporation. Instead of using his amazing powers to transition Occidental Oil into a green corporation, He helped it become the 7th largest oil company in the nation. That is what he actually DID in the 90s. Things that make you go Hmmmmmm!! Why would you trust this hypocrite at all?? So many people are deceived by this idiot. – Lorica

  12. Dana says:

    Flogging my own blog here, I reviewed Mr Gore’s Book, The Assault on Reason, on my own poor site.

  13. Dana says:

    From my review:

    Chapter seven, “The Carbon Crisis” is clearly the best written, because Mr Gore is so heavily invested (both intellectually and financially) in global warming. That chapter is pretty well put together, and had the enthusiasm and flow of a sermon from a black Southern preacher; if you read it in one sitting, you can almost see Mr Gore at the pulpit, tie loosened, perspiring in a hot Baptist Church in Mississippi or Alabama, delivering a tremendous sermon to a congregation that’s on its feet.

    And yet, even there, there’s something missing. Mr Gore tells us that the burning of fossil fuels for energy is dumping seventy million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere every day*, and after telling us how terrible it is that we depend so heavily on foreign oil imports, he writes:

    And coal is much worse than oil. Moreover, the other dirty carbon-based fuels found in large quantities in North America — tar sands and oil shale — are the worst of all. Any significant use of these CO2-laden deposits would make the climate crisis infinitely more difficult to solve. And the energy-intensive processing of coal, shale and tar sands into liquid and gaseous forms would further complicate any efforts to use them as alternatives to oil and natural gas.

    But he then proceeds, six pages later, to excoriate President Bush and Vice President Cheney for their efforts to open the largest known untapped oil deposit in North America, under the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to drilling for petroleum production. Mr Gore writes many pages telling us how real global warming is and how man is definitely the cause, and said:

    Many scientists are now warning that we are moving closer to several “tipping points” that could — within as little as ten years — make it impossible for us to avoid irretrievable damage of the planet’s habitability for human civilization.

    While I have an admitted skepticism of any claims that the world will become uninhabitable (Mr Gore’s statement seems too much like the barefoot guy in dirty robes holding the sign, “The End Is Near”), if I take it at face value, if I assume that Mr Gore truly believes what he wrote, I have to ask: what is his solution? Amazingly enough, after all of that, there was not one idea, not even a single word which suggested alternative energy sources. No mention of hydrogen-powered cars, no mention of harnessed wind or geo-thermal energy, no thought given to more hydro-electric dams, and certainly nothing about one of the left’s biggest bugaboos, nuclear power. To make certain I hadn’t missed anything (I only read the book once, and had set it down for three weeks in the middle of chapter six), I checked the index; none of those sources of power are listed.

    Mr Gore does, on page 196, tell us that he believes in “good old-fashioned American ingenuity” and that we ought to be able to invent and manufacture new solutions to stop global warming, but for someone who apparently believes that we may have as little as ten years before we reach a “tipping point” which, once passed, would lead to “irretrievable damage” depending upon unspecified scientific, engineering and manufacturing solutions seems both irresponsible and just plain lame.

  14. Robert Thomas says:

    RE: Does Gore do the fire breathing thing before or after he pulls the rabbit out of his hat?

    From what I hear it is an endangered Columbian Basin Pygmy Rabbit! Which AG hunted and have stuffed

  15. sunsettommy says:

    Al Gore as Vice President broke the law signing the treaty.So when will he be indicted for it?

    Only the Senate and the President can sign treaties.

    Meanwhile Gore and anyone stupid enough to believe that the planet was soon to be doomed back in 1997-1998 time frame will have to explain why the warming trend has been negligible since then.

    Not only that ZERO warming since 2003 as per the Satellite data.

    This while the atmospheric CO2 levels keep going up at around the 1.5 ppm rate per year.

  16. sunsettommy says:


    Anything Al writes is littercage quality.

    I read 2/3 of his book Earth in the Balance.I really tried to read the whole book.But had to stop since it is stupid.

    I have read his tomes in the news and in forums and believe me.I have reason NOT to buy and read another Al Gore authored book.It will be like all the other scribblings Gore wrote.