Last night’s Democratic presidential candidates debate


I didn’t watch it, but The Politico’s Roger Simon did, and here’s his take on the winners and losers, highlights and lowlights of it.

The debate was held at Howard University, a prestigious black college, so the pandering mode was in full effect, as you can see from the WaPo recap (I haven’t been able to find a transcript from the debate yet).

Update: Here’s a link to the transcript (hat tip to LLR in the comments section).

4 thoughts on “Last night’s Democratic presidential candidates debate

  1. Being held has so much more meaning when it’s at a PRESTIGIOUS and clearly diverse campus.

    Mommy why are all the diverse people here the same?

  2. Gotta take the time to watch this. I watch all the loon debates so I can be up on what these enemy combatants are thinking and trying to do to my country.

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