“Live Earth” concert updates

Posted by: ST on July 7, 2007 at 3:13 pm

Live EarthI know you’re desperately seeking updates on how the “Live Earth” concerts are going (MSN’s website surely seems to be), so here are a few of them:

—- Aussie Tim Blair has a huge and hilarious link roundup of reax to and stories about the Australia Live Earth concert.

—- The Daily Mail writes about the hypocrisy of certain Live Earth celebs like Madonna, who they claim “produces more than 100 times the average amount of waste produced by Britons in a year.” Here’s more from that article:

Dr [Andrea] Collins [expert in sustainability from Cardiff University] estimates that the global audience for Live Earth will generate some 1,025 tonnes of waste. An extraordinary one million people are expected at the free concert at Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach, featuring Lenny Kravitz, Macy Gray and Pharrell Williams.

Other venues including the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg – where Joss Stone is performing – will cater for audiences of tens of thousands.

Live Earth say that they will recycle much of the waste generated. Fine talk, but in fact some of the concert venues are struggling to keep up with their commitments.

A spokesman for Wembley says they only have the capacity to recycle around a third of waste produced – the rest will go into landfill sites.

Travel forms the vast majority of the ‘carbon footprint’ talked of by ecological campaigners – contributing up to 90 per cent of the environmental ‘cost’.

Collins says: “It is patently absurd to claim that travel of this nature doesn’t have an impact. Each person attending the event will have to make a return journey to the venue, be it by air, rail, bus or car. This burns fossil fuel – precisely what we are trying to reduce.

“There is also the environmental cost of these artists flying around the world – that is absolutely huge.”

Indeed, an audit of the lifestyles of the A-list performers appearing at Live Earth, reveals that they are among the worst individual polluters in the world, as their world tours and private jets billow thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. One hour in a Gulfstream jet burns as much fuel as driving a family car for a year.

The Daily Mail has found that five of the top performing acts together have an annual output of almost 2,000 carbon tonnes. Madonna alone has an annual carbon footprint of 1,018 tonnes, according to John Buckley.

Remember, the average Briton produces just ten tonnes.

—- Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard has more thoughts on the un-green nature of these greenie concerts, as does Mark Steyn.

—-Atlas Shrugs calls the concerts a “carbon footprint stampede.”

—- On that note, the Good Lt. at The Jawa Report has a great suggestion:

The carbon footprint of these concerts is likely to be a permanent stain on our environment. Save the world! Ignore environmentalist and activist celebrities! They’re killing us!

—- Check out more Live Earth concert update/global warming hilarity links here and here.

Me? I’m just wondering how many LE concertgoers and celebs are following Sheryl Crow’s “one square [of toilet paper] per restroom visit” rule

More: The Goracle himself weighs in: Al Gore slams global warming doubters at Live Earth.

Update: Here’s the quote of the day:

Live Earth is like Larry Flint making a porno movie to promote chastity.


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  • 10 Responses to ““Live Earth” concert updates”


    1. Tom TB says:

      Is there a prize for the person who comes closest to guessing the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses this air and roadshow dumps as they tell us to walk and live on fairy dust?

    2. Drewsmom says:

      Just saw algore begging the freaks who turned out for this to sign the PLEDGE now but most of the folks there are so stoned they couldn’t sign their name to collect $1 million if they tried — noticed not great
      applause when algore comes on stage — they are just there for the music — most could not give a s#*t about the PLEDGE or signing the treaty today as algore is pleading with em to do.

    3. Great White Rat says:

      From ST’s link where the Goracle slammed the heretics:

      A few hundred spectators turned out for the concert, which began at 10:30 am (1430 GMT).

      A few hundred??? Whoa…big success that event was. They could’ve got a bigger turnout if Pelosi just ordered all the Dems’ congressional staffers to show up.

      Gore, who has become a leading voice on global warming laughingstock and won an Oscar for his documentary crockumentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” was to appear later at the New York Jersey leg of Live Earth.

      And I’ll just bet the mortgage money that he got from DC to NJ by Prius, or better yet, by bicycle, right? Suuuuure. :))

      Live Earth kicked off in Sydney with other shows also taking place during the day in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hamburg, London, Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro, which are expected to attract an audience of two billion people.

      Two billion??? Since DC only brought in a few hundred, the other concerts must’ve really packed them in, huh?

      Well…no. The London event only sold 65,000 tickets. The attendance in Rio was under 100,000, and that event was free.

    4. Great White Rat says:

      Gotta love this one: Global Warming is So Yesterday

      My very favorite excuse for low attendance at the much-ballyhooed worldwide Live Earth global warming concerts yesterday came from Johannesburg, where concert organizer John Langford “believes extremely cold weather… kept people away from the concert.”

      You couldn’t make anything up this funny… =))

      I liked this too, referring to the London concert:

      Certainly, on the way into the show, some of the 65,000 people who’d spent $110 on a ticket appeared unaware of the seven-point pledge that Al Gore, the event’s chief impresario, had asked all spectators to make. Asked about it, they offered blank looks and said they were there for Madonna (whose annual carbon footprint, according to Buckley, is 1,018 tons — about 92 times the 11 tons an average person uses per year).

      A pledge to reduce global warming? You mean, like the one Gore refuses to take?

      Ya gotta wonder how long it will take before the realization dawns on them that they’re making complete fools of themselves. l-)

    5. PCD says:

      Hey, didn’t all y’all see the carbon tax proposal by Rep. Dingall? The NYT had an article that Drudge highlighted. I lost the URL.

      Who says the Democrats don’t want to Tax and Spend us into a Socialist Hell like Zimbabwe?