Moonbat of the day: “Will”

They just can’t help themselves! From the “attempted comment” file:

Name: Will | Date: 7/12/2007

Actually, I have no problem at all with having a properly conserved mustard gas shell in my kitchen–it would be considerably less dangerous than the black powder I keep around for the early deer season, and I’d remember not to put it on my burger when the French’s ran out.

In fact, if only we’d had sense enough to run out, like the Frenchies! instead Cheney/Bush made the USA we love into the kind of country that lies in order to invade, conquer and occupy another country to steal its oil. Miserable failure indeed.

By the way–has any war-mongering blogblabber ever actually left the dim confines of her vomitorium to, uh, enlist? They take folks up to age 42 now, with criminal records and no HS diploma.

I may make this a permanent feature here at the ST blog ;)

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