The acceptance – and whitewashing – of genocide

Betsy Newmark blogs this morning about Democrats like Senator Barack Obama, who recently commented that the potential for genocide in Iraq is not worth keeping US forces there.

At the same time, as she notes, last week Senator John Kerry on CSPAN actually claimed with a straight face that there was no bloodbath after the US left Vietnam.

The Democrats are losing it. Senator Obama is ‘outraged’ that the US hasn’t done more to stop the genocide in Darfur, yet doesn’t think that very thing in Iraq happening is worth keeping US forces there and Senator John Kerry outright lied (again) about another aspect of the Vietnam war and the devastating repercussions of us leaving there after Democrats in Congress cut off funding. I suppose Kerry’s trying to assuage his own guilt over his “Winter Soldier” testimony, but I can’t really answer for Obama’s strange position, other than the fact that he is doing his damnedest to appease the anti-war base of the Democratic party.

Neither of their positions, in fact, jive with the Democrat mantra of ‘helping the less fortunate,’ do they?

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