Hillary, in full Socialist mode, coddles the Daily Kos

Amanda Carpenter has a mini-recap of what was said at a “special session” of YearlyKos where Hillary Clinton sat down to talk to the “Kossacks”:

In the end, however, Clinton made time in her schedule to talk to the bloggers. In a 12 p.m. Saturday session at the McCormick Place Convention Center, Clinton lauded DailyKos.

“I only wish that we had this active and fighting a blogosphere about fifteen years ago” she said. “I think about what if we had the blogosphere in ’93, ’94, when I was working on healthcare and, you know, being hammered.”

After thanking the DailyKos bloggers at length for standing “up against the right-wing noise machine” Clinton took five questions from the audience. They were about: education, closing Guantanamo Bay, President Bush’s surveillance program, pieces of controversial legislation her husband President Bill Clinton signed, and mass transit.

Surprisingly, no one directly asked her about her 2002 vote to authorize the war in Iraq, the source of many liberals’ opposition to her candidacy.

Clinton did appear to insulate herself, however, against an attack on her war vote from the bloggers. Appearing next to her in her breakout session was her internet communications director Peter Dauo, who called on questioners, research director of the Center for American Progress Judd Legum and Clinton’s communications director Howard Wolfson.

“They’re here in case anything happens and I have a senior moment” Clinton said.

One questioner asked Clinton if she would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, signed by her husband in 1996. Clinton said she was “one of the architects of that strategy” and that “I support civil unions and have said many times with full equality and benefits.”

Clinton does oppose a portion of DOMA. “I think part three of DOMA needs to be repealed because part three stands in the way of the full extension of federal benefits and I support that” she said.

In a lengthy response to a question about President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act, Clinton said “the best thing that we can do to close the achievement gap between African Americans and white kids is pre-kindergarten.”

“Quality, four-year-old kindergarten, especially focused on kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, where English is not the first language of life. That would be my highest priority and I would try to get some money from No Child Left Behind to see if we can start doing demonstration projects on that” Clinton said.

Hillary wasn’t the only Dem candidate there to coddle the Kos Kidz. Barack Obama and John Edwards were there as well. That they would pander to a group of people which includes nutcases like this one, this one, and this one speaks volumes.

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