Anti-war left on war critics changing their tunes on Iraq: We don’t wanna hear it!

I just read this wallowing-in-negativity piece from the “Horse’s Mouth” over at the Talking Points Memo blog and was once again struck by how the anti-war left refuses to concede that 1) the surge is generating progress in Iraq and 2) that there indeed are war critics out there who are admitting to that.

It’s almost as if they’re wishing things weren’t turning around in Iraq, doesn’t it? Essentially, they’re defiantly claiming, “There aren’t as many war critics conceding that the surge is bearing fruit as the media claims there are!” It’s denial at its most blatant. They know that these stories coming out about war critics acknowledging progress in Iraq are causing support for the surge to grow in the polls, and they’re getting panicky.

Over the years as the war in Iraq has produced mixed results, the left has bristled strongly at the suggestion that they were ‘hoping for failure’ in Iraq. Between House Majority Whip Clyburn’s admission that a good progress report from General Petraeus would be “a problem” for the anti-war Democrats in the House, similar comments from Senator Carl Levin, and the denial we’re seeing from the anti-war left constituency on the progress being made from the surge and the fact that there are war critics who are admitting it, I don’t think that’s really even questionable nor objectionable anymore.

Cross-posted at Carol Platt Liebau’s blog, where I will be guest blogging for the next week.

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