Wednesday woes

Posted by: ST on September 5, 2007 at 11:31 am

Wanted to check in quickly and say we’re experiencing major network connection issues at the 8-5. :( In fact, I took an early lunch to run some errands and to stop by the house, grab a bite to eat, and to check in here. Brian at Liberty Pundit will keep an eye out on the blog to make sure to release any comments that get stuck in moderation, until I can return (thanks, Brian).

Please utilize this thread or the previous one as open threads until I’m able to post again today.

I hate it when this happens. What did we ever do without the Internet? ;)

Update 2:20 pm: Connection’s back up – blogging to resume in just a few mins.

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  1. Lorica says:


    Democratic Donor a No Show at Hearing

    Guess who this is about??? Ohhhh Yeah Mr. Hsu. Now I am thinking he has run off back to the motherland to his commie masters. But it wouldn’t shock me in any way, if his body turned up in Arkansas, killed in a suicide with a shotgun and 5 shots in the back. – Lorica