Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick: One more liberal Democrat who just doesn’t get it

As you know, all across America and many countries around the world yesterday, tributes were paid to the victims of 9-11. For those of us whose memories of 9-11 are as fresh in our minds today as if the attacks just happened – and who also understood on that day six years ago that in response to terrorists using our own commercial airliners against us in acts of cruel, vicious savagery against 3,000 innocents done in the name of “Allah,” America was going to have to respond in a way that would make it very clear to Islamofascists around the world that we weren’t going to take it lying down – every day is 9-11 remembrance day, and each day we not only pause to reflect on what happened but also to consider how far we’ve come as well as speculate on how far we have to go.

But Democrats like Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick haven’t come very far since 9-11. In fact, Democrats like Deval Patrick are still stuck in the pre-9/11 mentality, a mentality that suggests that had we just been able to “get along” with Islamofascists, maybe we wouldn’t have been attacked. Via the Boston Globe (emphasis added):

As fog shrouded the State House steps, Governor Deval Patrick led a solemn ceremony this morning to mark the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11, calling the terrorist attacks of 2001 “a failure of human understanding.”

The Boston Herald has a more detailed quote in their piece condemning Patrick’s remarks:

“Among many other things, 9/11 was a failure of human understanding” Patrick said. “It was a mean and nasty and bitter attack on the United States. But it was also a failure of human beings to understand each other, to learn to love each other.”

Huh? You mean to tell me that if I could have learned to “understand” and “love” Islamofascists like Mohammed Atta, that maybe the US could have been spared the “mean and nasty and bitter attack” that took place six years ago, Governor?

How about trying this on for size, Governor Patrick: People who misunderstand each other don’t typically take their frustrations out by hijacking airplanes full of innocent people and slamming those planes into buildings full of innocent people. People who are merely interested in wanting to be “loved” don’t typically spend years plotting, strategizing, and learning how to fly but not land planes in order to “earn” that “love.” People who misunderstand each other might get mad out of frustration, but they either end up being able to come to an understanding with the other person, or they simply walk away. By the same token, it is a widely accepted practice here in the US for people to earn the love of others the old-fashioned way, and it is unacceptable – in fact, criminal – in this country, to try and go about try to gain someone’s love via force.

I mean, how hard can this be to figure out? For clueless, ignorant liberals like Deval Patrick, apparently it’s extremely difficult, because the blame-America-first mindset (not to mention the moral relativism) that is taught in Liberalism 101 is obviously so deeply embedded into their minds that they can’t see any other possible explanation for why 19 terrorist thugs would attack us on 9-11.

I guess it’s so much easier for him, and others who think like him, to stick and keep their heads deep in the sand rather than to actually – gasp! – confront Islamofascism and call it for what it is, as well acknowledge that its roots go back much, much further than September 11, 2001.

But to do that, pre-9/11 Democrats like Patrick would have to 1) actually stand for something other than America’s defeat, and 2) go on record as admitting that the 9-11 attacks had nothing to do with any US “misunderstanding” nor any desire by Islamofascists to be “loved” and everything to do with Islam’s history of trying to force into submission, by any means necessary, freedom-loving people who don’t and never will adhere to Islam.

The only “misunderstanding” here is Patrick’s. He “misunderstood’ the message delivered to us so brutally one Tuesday morning six years ago. Thankfully, we had someone in the Oval Office who did understand that message, and who – in spite the mistakes he’s made in the global war on terror (and there have been many) – had and still has no doubt in his mind about whose fault 9-11 really is, and has made clear that the US, at least under his watch, will not submit to it. He knows the US has battled many enemies, and won, and realizes the only way the US will win this battle is to take the fight to the enemy, and, of course, never, ever surrender to it.

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