Political correctness strikes high school in Sampson County, NC (UPDATE: FLAG BAN LIFTED)

Hobbton High School students are not allowed to wear anything which displays our flag:

SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C. – On the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, students at one high school were not allowed to wear clothes with an American flag.

Under a new school rule, students at Hobbton High School are not allowed to wear items with flags, from any country, including the United States.

The new rule stems from a controversy over students wearing shirts bearing flags of other countries.

The USA Today’s “On Deadline” blog has more on what the catalyst was for behind ridiculous rule in the first place:

WECT-TV says the ban was imposed last year after two students, each wearing the flag of a different country, got into a fight. School officials responded by banning T-shirts and other garments that display such national symbols.

So because a couple of knuckleheads squared off over the countries represented on their Tshirts, everyone else has to be punished?

This is stu.pid. Not to sound cliche, but this is America, for crying out loud, and if someone wants to wear a US flag pin, or wear a shirt with the American flag on it in school, they damn well ought to be allowed express their right to.

Hat tip: Numerous ST readers

Update: The flag ban has been lifted. Stop the ACLU has the details.

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