The anatomy of a smear

Justice Clarence ThomasI just got done reading this devastating rebuttal Captain Ed wrote in response to Ruth Marcus’ hit piece on Justice Clarence Thomas in today’s WaPo.

Unsurprisingly, the feminist Marcus – who wrote last year that she believed we needed “less manliness” in the world – believes Anita Hill’s version of events. Also not surprisingly, she was a bit selective about the facts she presented in her opinion piece. Ed provides the missing pieces of the puzzle in his post, and in the process brings the ugliness of the left’s smear attempts against Clarence Thomas back to life as if the they just happened yesterday.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the left whine about how it’s “talk radio’s fault” that the political discourse in this country has worsened over the years, but when I read in detail about the Democrats and how they orchestrated to tear into shreds the reputation of a good, decent man like Clarence Thomas, it reaffirms to me that the political discourse in this country was cheapened by the likes of Ted Kennedy and other shameless Democrats who used Thomas as a proxy punching bag for the conservative principles they hate: Thomas was well-educated, successful, he was honest, he was proud of his country, and he was an independent thinker whose views fell more in line with conservatives than liberals. For that, the left wanted to destroy him.

Thankfully they failed, and he’s the one having the last laugh today.

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