Rep. John “cut and run” Murtha’s Thanksgiving greeting

Posted by: ST on November 21, 2007 at 12:06 am

Before Congress’ #1 Defeatocrat Rep. Murtha made a statement in which he tried to spin the House’s defeatist war funding plan earlier today, he started off with the following “greeting” of sorts:

This week, around our Thanksgiving tables, there will be two families: One who say they support the troops, and they do, but they have sacrificed very little. They haven’t had their taxes raised, they haven’t been drafted, and they don’t really participate in the war. The other are military families who have husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters in the war theater. It’s them who shoulder the burden of the President’s Iraq policy. America owes them our thanks in this Thanksgiving weekend.

It’s always so classy to take cheap shots at your political opponents during the holidays, isn’t it?

Duane Patterson has the video.

Also, did anyone else catch this bizarre statement (h/t: Fat Tone) made by Murtha during his joint presser with Rep. Obey? (emphasis added):

The Pennsylvania Democrat conceded violence was down dramatically and some normalcy was restored on Iraq’s streets, but he said U.S. victory remains unattainable as long as Baghdad fails to pass national-reconciliation laws

“To change the political law, it doesn’t seem to me you need the military stability,” Mr. Murtha told reporters on Capitol Hill.

You don’t? That sure is an odd statement to make, considering that military stability is vital to political stability, which is vital to political reconciliation …

Beyond Murtha, let’s take a look at what’s happening and what will happen if the Democrats don’t come up with a clean war spending bill:

The military plans to furlough civilian employees and cut all Army and Marine Corps bases to bare-bones operations early next year because of a funding impasse with Congress, according to a memo provided to Politico.

Democratic leaders accused the Bush administration of using scare tactics, and said they will not be strong-armed into giving the White House a blank check on the war.

In the memo, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates instructs the secretaries and of the Army and Navy to “start appropriate planning to reduce operations at all Army bases by mid-February of next year and all USMC bases by mid-March of next year.”

The plan would leave “bases … all but shut down, only able to provide the most basic safety and security measures for those who reside there” Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said at a briefing Tuesday afternoon.

“The most immediate impact will be felt next month, just before Christmas, in fact, when we’ll begin notifying roughly 200,000 civilians and contractors that we can no longer afford their services; and that, absent additional funding, they will be furloughed, or temporarily laid off, within a matter of weeks” Morrell said.

“It is imperative that lawmakers reconsider this matter as soon as possible and send the president supplemental funding legislation, free from objectionable policy provisions, in order to insure that we can continue to support our troops and their families, as well as protect our nation’s security.”

But what’s imperative to Democrats is, even in the face of the turnaround we’re seeing happen in Iraq, appeasing their anti-war base. It’s party before country to the anti-war left, as usual.

Can we question their patriotism yet?

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7 Responses to “Rep. John “cut and run” Murtha’s Thanksgiving greeting”


  1. Glenn M. Cassel, AMH1(AW), USN, RET says:

    John Murtha is a TRAITOR, by his words and deeds. He doesn’t care for anything but himself and his hatred of the current sitting President. If the hildabeast wins next year, I am sure his tone will change, but what will that change be? This old Retired Petty Officer for one is deathly afraid of the possibilities. I am Vietnam era(Atlantic Fleet out of boot camp). So I missed Vietnam, but I did Volunteer with a Draft Lottery Number. So to those on the left that read this: Go pound sand up your a**. If you want sympathy for Murtha, Obey, Pelosi, etc, it’s in the Webster’s. Somewhere between S*** and Syphillis. I think I spelled it right.

  2. Bob USMC says:

    In all candor, the time for questioning their patriotism has long, long gone. I used to say after hearing what comes out of their mouthes and what they constantly do to undermine our troops n combat, how can we not question their patriotism. Nowadays there is NO question about their patriotism, they have none to question.

    Has anybody noticed how quiet the corrupt liberal MSM has been about Iraq lately now that things are getting much better there? And how long it took for them to actually write anything positive at all?

    Again, there is absolutely no question about their patriotism.

  3. Lorica says:

    If Mrs. Bill Clinton wins next year you will watch military recruitment drop so fast that there will be renewed calls for a draft. The last draft we had almost killed our military what better way to destroy it altogether.

    As far as this funding situation goes, you hide and watch, they will provide a clean bill after Thanksgiving. They know damn well that cutting off funding isn’t going to make anyone happy. Our troops on the run because we don’t have the money to ship bullets to them. Ohhhh Yeah, that is gonna be freeking popular, and get dingy Harry re-elected. You want to talk about a cost to this war, go ahead and cut off funding. Watch as our troops try to retreat under fire. It didn’t work so well in 1975, why would they think anything would change now. These people are simply clueless at how much they encourage our enemies.

    As far as Murtha goes, I pay him about as much attention as I do Dennis “I missed the mothership” Kucinich. Just a different version of the same delusion, it really is sad. – Lorica

  4. 2Hotel9 says:

    Johnboy needs to be placed in a nursing home, where his Alzheimers can be properly treated. Or at least he can be restrained from injuring himself or others.

  5. PCD says:

    These Democrats are not Patriots in any way, shape or form.

  6. forest hunter says:

    He has surpassed the traitor portion in his zeal to do nothing good and destroy not only the recent gains but the past efforts as well, of all who have died bringing democracy to the region.

    I would like to see everyone of these callous conspirators spend their Thanksgiving vacation over there, outside the green zone. Two things will happen. The saboteurs of America and allies of AQ-etal will be identified and those trying to play it both ways will not be back in the same condition.