You Tube snowmanSorry I’m a little late on the post – for those who can’t watch the debate (or don’t want to) ST reader steveegg is liveblogging it, and has a roundup of others who are liveblogging as well. He’s using that neat CoverItLive software that enables a blogger to liveblog without the reader having to refresh their browser for updates. Brian at Liberty Pundit is doing the same here.

You can use this thread as an open comment thread on the debate if you like. I’ll probably watch the replay of it later tonight.

Update: Sheesh, Hillary. Did you have to make it that obvious?

Glenn Reynolds writes:

Once again, CNN demonstrates an inexplicable failure to background-check pro-Hillary questioners.


Suckered by Hillary, again. Try Google, next time. It’s not that hard!

Oh c’mon, Glenn – couldn’t you have helped ’em out by providing an actual link? ;) They need all the research help they can get …

Thur AM Update: Michelle Malkin blogs about more so-called “concerned” voters that were featured last night at the debate – “concerned” voters who have declared what Democrat they’re going to support, that is.


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