Robert Reich attacks Hillary Clinton for … being Hillary Clinton

I found this diatribe, written by President Clinton’s labor secretary and all around pal of the Clinton’s Robert Reich, against Hillary’s stepped up attacks against Obama rather odd. In the piece, Reich tackles criticisms Hillary’s made about Obama’s Social Security, his healthcare plans, and her questioning of Obama’s character, and suggests that Clinton is “stooping so low” in the campaign. Why? Reich claims that her attacks on Obama’s Social Security and healthcare plans are inaccurate and misleading. Along the way, Reich himself “stoops low” by throwing in something misleading that Tom Maguire catches him on here.

This isn’t the first time Reich has defended Obama against criticisms from a Clinton. The last time, it was Bill rather than Hillary that Reich wielded his sword in front of. Obama is apparently friendly with Reich to the point that he sought out his “advice and counsel” earlier this year.

I’m not saying I agree or disagree one way or the other with his assertions, but considering Reich’s own questionable history on accuracy and underhanded political attacks, his complaining about Hillary Clinton’s supposedly inaccurate and unfair attacks on Barack Obama is kinda like John Edwards complaining about people who get into politics just to feather their own nests. There’s just not a lot of credibility on that front, ya know?

Not only that, but Reich was and is considered one of the smartest men to have worked in the Clinton administration. For him to act like he didn’t know what kind of person Hillary Clinton was – and still is – is laughable. He’s one of the last people I would have ever expected to play the ignorance card when talking about the Clintons.

Interested in reading a credible piece criticizing Hillary Clinton’s escalating attacks on Senator Obama? The Anchoress has it covered. Don Surber has related thoughts here.

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