Will the hunky Tom Brady and the Patriots make history tonight? (UPDATE: PATRIOTS DEFEAT GIANTS 38-35, GO TO 16-0)

Consider this an open thread for tonight’s big Patriots/Giants game. Game time is 8:15. For all of us who aren’t privileged enough to have the NFL Network channel, it will be simulcast on NBC and CBS.

Predictions, anyone?

For the ladies who read this blog who couldn’t care less about football, here’s something to get your motor runnin’ in case your guy will be glued to the tube this evening. The gent below is QB for the 16-0 Patriots (he wears the number 12).

Here’s another, posted back during last season’s playoffs.

Rather makes the game worth watching, eh? :D

Related: On a somewhat more serious note, my friend Patrick O’Hannigan, a thoughtful writer, has a piece up about the spirit of competition in sports.

Halftime Update: The Giants have put up a very impressive first half showing, and scored a touchdown with seconds left in the first half to go into the locker room up 21-16 over the Pats.

Final Update: The Giants played their hearts out, but in the end it wasn’t enough as Brady and the Pats win 38-35.

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