Hillary attacks caucus process, says it disenfranchises voters – PLUS: There are “no illegal women”

It’s Pandermonium for Hillary Clinton as she plays to Hispanics in Nevada (emphasis added):

She reiterated her doubts about the caucus process, which requires in-person, on-time participation.

“That is troubling to me,” she said. “People who work during that amount of time, they’re disenfranchised. People who can’t be in the state or are in the military, they cannot be present. … If people feel like there’s no reason to participate or they can’t, then that’s the same thing. So I think it’s a problem.”

How much do you want to bet that had she won Iowa we wouldn’t be hearing anything about her “concerns” about the caucus process?

More from the Las Vegas Review-Journal piece:

Clinton and her busload of traveling press moved from there to the popular local Mexican restaurant Lindo Michoacan, where a “roundtable” that was actually square passed a microphone around to tell her people’s concerns about the mortgage crisis and foreclosures. She took notes and munched on tortilla chips.

In broken English, one woman told Clinton how she wasn’t making money as a broker anymore.

“I have no income at all,” she said. “So how will I survive?”

Choking up with emotion, the woman said, “In my neighborhood, there are brand-new homes, but the value is nothing. I’m glad you are here so I can tell you, because you’re going to be the president, I know.”

A man shouted through an opening in the wall that his wife was illegal.

“No woman is illegal,” Clinton said, to cheers.

Are you detecting that same whiff of sexism that I did from that comment? Others are. Will the media pick it up and run with it? I won’t hold my breath ….

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