Samantha Sault at The Weekly Standard blog has a link roundup of blogger reax to last night’s GOP debate, where there were some testy exchanges between the two frontrunners.

I personally think McCain came off as more arrogant than normal, not to mention blatantly dishonest – which I’ll address more in the post I’m writing about the Mc, Mitt, and the state of the Republican party. Mitt Romney needs to capitalize on this in the coming days leading up to Super Tuesdsay.

The rumors about the Romney campaign planning to not runany ads in advance of next Tuesday’s primaries were exaggerated, as the Romney campaign announced today that they are planning to run a “significant” number of ads prior to Tuesday.

If polls are any indication, it’s going to be an uphill battle for Romney in several Feb. 5 states, but one that hopefully he can overcome. That’s not an endorsement of him from me, BTW – it’s just me stating who’d I’d rather see win the Super Tuesday delegates. McCain is starting to feel a little too comfortable in the driver’s seat, and he needs to feel a little heat, because I think he’s taking being in the driver’s seat for granted, and acting like support from the base is “owed” to him rather than being earned. The senior Senator from AZ needs to understand that it doesn’t work that way.

Update: The Governator has officially endorsed the Mc.

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