About Ann Coulter’s threat to campaign for Hillary should McCain get the nomination

Posted by: ST on February 1, 2008 at 4:36 pm

I can’t add anything to what Captain Ed said here.

Buzz off, Ann.  Conservatives have enough issues right now without you adding your self-promotional .02, which adds NOTHING constructive to the debate.

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15 Responses to “About Ann Coulter’s threat to campaign for Hillary should McCain get the nomination”


  1. I think she is full of it.

    When it comes down to it, she and Rush will vote the party line because they hate democrats more then McCain.

    Whiule I don’t agree with much of her reasoning, she does raise good points. I think her purpose was to not to say Hillary is great, but to show that as bad as Hillary is, John is worse.

    I don’t know if I truly agree. I dislike McCain a lot, but I dislike Hillary more.

    Even so, if it is those two in the general election, voting for him to vote against her is going to sting.

  2. Tom TB says:

    Ann Coulter is acting to make a point; but it would be funny if she made the Clinton camp believe she REALLY would endorse Hillary! What would they do then? Accept or reject her endorsement?

  3. McGehee says:

    When it comes down to it, she and Rush will vote the party line because they hate democrats more then McCain.

    You might be right about Ann, but I think you’re overestimating the power of Hillary Derangement Syndrome over Limbaugh. He really doesn’t like McCain.

    I wouldn’t vote for Hillary or Obama (and I did at least think about it after McCain won Florida) but if McCain is the GOP nominee I’d be throwing my vote away one way or another so I might as well vote for someone whose views more closely match mine.

    Now I just need to find out who that might be.

  4. omapian says:

    Many readers of this blog have reported instances when a Democrat’s party loyalty trumps logic. Ann Coulter presents herself as a conservative first and a Republican second. If she truly believes that Hillary’s stand is more in line with her values, why should conservatives who are unhappy with McCain’s position insist she ‘toe the line’ or ‘hold her nose’ to vote for a RINO?
    Perhaps there is a larger issue here. If McCain gets the nomination by running away from conservative values, whether he wins or loses, conservatives will have no voice in the next administration and the Republican Party will continue to treat conservatives the same way Democrats treat the Black voter. If conservatives abandon the RINO, the Republican Party may lose this election and be forced to recognize conservative values.
    This country survived two terms of a Clinton administration by electing conservative members to congress. Many of those conservatives tried to build consensus with compromise while moveon.org and the MSM worked to replace those conservative members.
    In this election, the bigots and racists in the Democratic Party are being exposed and Black voters may have to make a difficult choice. Likewise, McCain’s liberal credentials have been exposed and conservatives should be prepared to look past party lines to find the candidate that best represents their values.

  5. El Carlangas The Greato says:

    I stand with Ann on this one. I don’t understand how allowing the party to continue to adopt liberal policies pushes conservatism forward. From a perspective of conservative principles it just doesn’t make sense to vote for McCain. We have towed the party line putting up with poor candidates and even have allowed bloggers convince us to support liberals within our own party, and all this simply led to our party adopting bigger government as a solution.

    It has to stop at some point. Where is our honor?

  6. CZ says:

    This election is starting to freak me out. Stuff is happening way to fast for me to get a grip on it. While I relish the democrat infighting over gender and race issues which are biting them in the butt, we have big problems to work out on our own.

    How and why did it come to this? I am beginning to believe there is an orchestrated attempt between Rove, The Bilderbergers, The Knights Templar, Blackwater, Haliburton and the Free Masons to control the party and as conservative voters we are being asked to make a very difficult decision while we seem to have no control at all.

    Ann and Rush seem to have McCain derangement syndrome. What’s a true Reagan conservative to do?

    Correct me if I am wrong but I have not seen such a divisive split on who is more conservative than the other. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly have my reservations on Juan McCain.

    Then again, can anyone remember when a democrat argued openly that he/she was more liberal than the other? Not on your life!

    Hope is on the waaay. ;)

  7. stackja says:

    HC gives me the willy. McCain gives us what?

  8. Judith says:

    Ann Coulter gets away with saying stuff that she critizes Dems for. Now she shouts her “playground rant” about McCain. What comes first? Is it the Conservatives or the United States of America???Ask yourself that question. Hilbillery or Jughead will about finish us off in four years so we won’t have to worry about running conservatives. Since the Conservatives hijacked the Repub party, it is my way or the hiway. I have about had enough of this juvenile crap. I will carry water for whoever bears the Republican standard even tho McCain is not my choice. I am a Christian first, an AMERICAN second, and a Republican third. Life is about compromise to win the prize . . . and I want to win!

  9. Leslie says:

    How weird is this! Our Lady of the Hairflip and The Woman of Steel, shoulder to shoulder.

    “What is conservatism?” asks jesting moi, and doesn’t stay for an answer.


  10. Abel N. says:

    Let enemy win will teach GOP a lesson

    I agree with Coulter’s logic. It’s better to let/help enemy win (temporary) rather than a traitor in GOP. That will teach everyone in base that if you betray us like McCain, we won’t support you at any cost.

    It will have more benefit in the long run but will cost GOP in short term.

    This logic is biblical base. In old testament, when Isreal sin, God let enemy won against them. So that they would repent. God never saved Israel at any cost.

  11. Lorica says:

    God let enemy won against them

    I would like to take issue with this comment. It is not God letting an enemy beat Israel when they were in sin. It is that our wayward ways carries us from God’s arm of protection and the enemy is always ready to try to destroy us. Which I see as our present problems today. Even the conservatives are saying that conservativism is lost. I personally think they are nuts, but it always takes the grass roots to teach the elite the important lessons in life. – Lorica

  12. Abel N. says:

    Let me clarify my previous comment a bit. (in resp. to Lorica)
    My intention is not on holistic issue (about God and us), but more on the moral issue. What similarity we could learn from old testament story. (it’s not about how to read old testament)

    Here are the comparison:
    OT: God cares more on their ‘cleanness’ more than their comfort. (@ that time, lost to enemy means lived in slavery)
    GOP: We should care more of ‘purity’ rather than about GOP winning or even US winning/losing war for the next 4 years.
    If the lesson of suffering would makes us stronger (get rid of liberal decease) we as country should go through it. I believe that conservatives are more ready to survive in suffering then the liberals. Suffering will open the eye of the liberals to see the reality of live.
    OT: God’s glory is tied with Israel’s glory. Yet God let them lost to teach them the lesson.
    GOP: It would a shame/bad if GOP candidate lost, but it’s to teach a lesson to the GOP establishment who promote McCain.


  13. Thanks to adding your voice for some sanity.

  14. Marshall Art says:

    Screw this “teach GOP a lesson” crapola. There’s no way I believe that either Coulter or Limbaugh will vote for a Dem or help them win by not voting because they don’t like the candidate. I posted a recent AmericanThinker article at my blog and it spoke of McCain’s ACU rating. While it was not so hot for a conservative, his 83 rating far surpases either Obama or Clinton who’s ratings were around 8. So despite McCain being less that our preference, allowing either of the Dem clowns win the presidency is foolhardy at best, and traitorous at worst if one truly cares about our country. With the problems we have now, we’re still better than what these two idiots would have us be.

    Another thing to consider, also from an AmericanThinker article, is around a million babies per year will die for sure if we allow a Dem to win. The liklihood of another SCOTUS appointment is high during the next four years and we can’t allow Dems to pick judges or justices with their lack of respect for the Constitution so obvious.

    I’m pissed that the best conservatives got no support from anywhere but a few truly conservative blogs and periodicals. But they’re gone now and we have to vote for the closest of what remains. This is our duty as Americans. Henceforth, look to the local politicians and support only the best. Pay more attention to what is coming out of your own states so that those who do are conservatives. By the time they vie for national offices, it’s too late for us and we must take what we get. Stay involved.

  15. Lorica says:

    Yes Abel I understand what you were trying to say. That was why in the 2nd sentence I switched from the use of Israel to using us and our. Also, as a political analogy the use of the term an enemy who is always ready to destroy us was a jab at the Democratic party. Thus the transition to the stupidity of some conservative pundits who are saying that the Reagan coalition is dead. If that was true then why are we looking for a new Reagan, and why is every Rep Candidate claiming RR’s mantel, Even Barak is attempting to bring President Reagan into his campaign.

    I still take issue with the legalistic tendancies in your original analogy. Much like Israel leaving the protections of God by turning their backs on Him. Many Republicans are turning their backs on conservative values for something else. Then they will wonder why they didn’t win in 2008, much like in 1996, as with Republicans it should always be about values, and nothing else. At least if we lose, we can stand proud that our values are in place and we can hold our heads up with pride. It is my hope they will come back and embrace these same values that they believe they can do without now.

    You see the Republican party started as a Christian Anti-Slavery party, so why would we ever leave our foundations. It makes no sense. It was and is conservative values that have catapulted the Rep party into leadership, everytime we have compromised, we have lost. So yeah the GOP needs to learn a lesson, i.e. Quit ignoring your base, and stop trying to fool our base, we aren’t Dems, we have a mind and we know how to use it. – Lorica