Friday night linkage

For your perusal:

—- Has 60 Minutes been duped – again? Gateway Pundit examines a news story they recently did on Karl Rove regarding disgraced former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman and Rove’s “role” in Siegelman’s downfall and finds the sourcing highly questionable. So does the Alabama state GOP. Make sure to read the whole thing.

—- Blackfive posts that our patatroopers in Afghanistan need a morale boost. Visit his site to find out what you can do to help. For that matter, after you send an email to support to our paratroopers in Afghanistan, go here and show your support for all of our combat forces fighting overseas to keep us safe here at home.

—- Oh, and speaking of Afghanistan, thanks for nothing, Drudge. More here.

—- One person who I’m betting many male troops in Iraq are happy to hear about supporting them is actress Angelina Jolie. Yep, you read it correctly ;)

—- As if that weren’t enough to please male Republicans across the country, US Magazine reports that actress Angie Harmon – wife of former NFL pro Jason Sehorn – is supporting John McCain.

—- More importantly to yours truly and female readers of this blog is the news that Patriots QB Tom Brady might model for a few Calvin Klein ads. I’m already having trouble concentrating at the thought. Who am I? What does “Dell” mean? @-)

—- Shocking news (not): Looks like Barry Bonds tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2001, the same year he hit 73 home runs, breaking Mark McGwire’s 1998 single-season 70 HR record. And while we’re on the subject of steroids and baseball, what’s your take on all the Congressional back and forth going on on the subject?

—- Here’s the latest on the ricin found in a hotel room in Las Vegas yesterday. The occupant of the room is in critical condition and has been in the hospital since mid-February. A family member discovered the ricin Thursday after visiting to pick up his things. Authorities have ruled out terrorism but still don’t know how the ricin got there.

—- Uh, waterboarding as a motivational tool to increase sales?

—- Last but certainly not least, congrats to Bob Owens and his wife and their bundle of joy, who first graced them with her presence on Valentine’s Day. The latest addition to the Owens family is absolutely beautiful :)

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