McCain takes on NYT reporter, gets testy

If he wants to remain a viable contender for the presidency, he’ll have to learn how to be calm in the face of brewing storms – and not just with NYT reporters, but with Republicans and conservatives, as well.

Stop the ACLU has video of the exchange between Mc and NYT reporter Elisabeth Bumiller. I agree with Captain Ed in that it wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be, but it still shows that McCain has some learning to do when it comes to calmly dealing with the people some of his campaign staffers joked were his “base” (the media) back in 2000.

This is McCain’s weakest point, IMO – I know many conservatives disagree with him strongly on the immigration issue, the Gang of 14, and McCain-Feingold (for starters) but if he had justified his support of those measures over the years without acting like conservatives were foolish for even daring to question him, there probably wouldn’t be the intense dislike of McCain the man in addition to the dislike of McCain the politician in conservative circles.

The NYT’s Elisabeth Bumiller is a lightweight compared to some of the intense pressure he’ll be getting from multiple corners, assuming he’s elected president. McCain needs to do better in the future. Let BO be the one who looks foolish when confronted with tough questions from the press.

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