Was Gerry Ferraro right or wrong?

I see the dust-up over Geraldine Ferraro’s controversial remarks about Obama and race continues today, with Ben Smith at The Politico quoting comments she made during Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential run that sound just like what she said yesterday. Ferraro is not backing down from what she said and suggested in a follow-up interview with the Torrance Daily Breeze that the criticism of her remarks about BO is happening because she’s white.

I should note for the record that Ferraro has also admitted that she believes if her name had been Gerard Ferraro should would never have been picked as Mondale’s VP choice in 1984.

Obviously, this issue has riled up emotions mostly on the identity politics-obsessed left hand side of the aisle, but conservatives, who have long been on the receiving end of false allegations of racism, are weighing in as well. Let’s try to take as much emotion as we can out of the argument and debate/discuss Ferraro’s comments on their merits or lack thereof. Were they totally true (as John Hawkins believes), was there a certain degree of truth to them as part of the overall picture of the BO campaign (which I believe), or were they not true at all (as many outraged lefties are saying this morning)?

Don Surber asserts that her remarks weren’t racist, but instead are more like sour grapes, because Ferraro’s candidate is trailing BO. Do you think that’s what this boils down to?

Update: Tom Maguire makes a pretty convincing argument that GF is right but opines that she is a flawed messenger, which takes away from the points she tried to make. Consider that post a must-read. Lots of good supporting links.

McQ also has a good post up about how this is another example of how some Obama supporters and spokespeople try to silence critics by invoking the race card. He wraps up with this:

That said, the point to be made here is the “racism” and “sexism” chickens have come home to roost with a vengeance during this Democratic primary. And those slapped with it are understanding both the purpose and the result of such tactics. And interestingly they object and object mightily.

Good. Maybe, finally, we can begin to put all this PC nonsense to bed, recognize that not every reference to race or gender involves racism or sexism. Maybe we can actually have debates and discussions about the reality of statements and opinions vs. marginalizing and muting those who may say something we disagree by using false charges.


I won’t hold my breath, especially considering the fact that Nutroots fave Keith Olbermann is planning on devoting his “Special Comment” segment to attacking Hillary Clinton and Ferraro tonight.

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