More State Dept. embarassment – Hillary’s passport, McCain’s, accessed w/o authorization, too

Hillary Clinton’s passport was breached, too, as was McCain’s (via Memeo).

Many of the news articles about the passport scandal reference the 1992 incident involving a State Dept. official who got caught sifting through the passport records of then-candidate Bill Clinton. The clear implication from this repeated reference is that it’s ‘not unusual’ for Republicans to rifle through the private records of a political opponent, even though there is no evidence so far that any of this was politically motivated against one particular party or candidate.

I guess they’ve forgotten about the Clinton Filegate scandal, or how former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele’s (R) credit records were fraudulently obtained by two Dem researchers who worked for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which was (and still is) under the chairmanship of its Chairman, Senator Chuck Schumer. One of the researchers was even brought up on federal charges.

Just a couple more Inconvenient Truths the MSM will not be very deligent in reminding us about, for reasons I don’t have to explain. I should also note that at the time of this writing, the headlines to the stories I’m seeing about this scandal now note that McCain’s file, too, was breached, but the pictures accompanying the stories show Hillary and BO, and don’t include McCain. Hopefully this is something that will be corrected shortly.

In the meantime, this story sure doesn’t inspire confidence in the State Department – not that most of us really ever had any of the first place, considering it’s rumored to have a bunch of leftover employees from the Clinton admin.

Related: Caral Platt Liebau writes at length about the petulance of the BO campaign’s initial response to this news, something I touched on last night in an update to this post.

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