Are you bitter? Vote now!

Posted by: ST on April 15, 2008 at 10:35 am

With the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s comments about “bitter” Pennsylvanians he made to a m/billionaire shindig a couple of Sundays ago still getting major play in both the blogosphere and media, the LA Times Top of the Ticket blog is conducting a poll to determine how many people out there are bitter versus those who aren’t. Here are the options:

Yes. I’ll show you bitter when I vote.
Yes, but it isn’t any politician’s fault.
No. Actually, I feel pretty good.

Make sure to pass the link along to family and friends who may want to vote, also.

SnObamaThe O-man continues to feel the heat today on the issue, from conservative writers like George Will and John Fund. Even the liberal Huffington Post is getting in on the act of criticizing The Chosen One as it relates to another issue, and that is BO’s accusations against Hillary Clinton of supposedly using the “GOP playbook” against him. HuffPo believes Obama himself is using the “playbook” thanks to none other than …. Karl Rove. The HP makes up for their Obama criticism with this defense of his “bitter” remarks, missing the point behind the backlash – as usual.

I have to wonder, what with the uproar over this, his “former pastor” Jeremiah Wright, and NAFTAGate – all three issues of which are problems for Obama that have not gone away, that the mediots and pundits continue to write about – are we finally starting to see a chink in Obama’s armor?

Hey, buddy, save some of that popcorn for me

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8 Responses to “Are you bitter? Vote now!”


  1. tom says:

    I learned something I didn’t know about Wright in this excellent audio commentary (2 min) by Daniel Schoor. LINK

  2. T-Steel says:

    Of course he has a chink in his armor. Since the beginning he’s had it: he’s an unknown. And an “unknown” trying to be POTUS is vetted on the fly. In today’s media universe, that is a bad thing for a candidate. Just think if “Bittergate”, “NAFTAgate”, “The Wright Affair” was spread out over a 4 year period instead of 6 months? It wouldn’t have the same impact.

    As you know Sister Toldjah, I like Senator Obama. And it’s because I like the dude is why I feel he should stop his run after the Pennsylvania primaries. Taking broadsides in a compressed time period is not going to win him the election. Plain and simple.

    That being said, any Democrat who thinks Senator Clinton would have a easy time beating Senator McCain is drinking way too much of my Long Island Iced Teas. The Right has plenty of ammo from her comments against Senator Obama to use against her. IMO, Senator McCain is the favorite for the POTUS.

  3. Neo says:

    The best part about hearing “new proposals” from Congress-persons in the majority party every Presidential election cycle is asking the obvious question ..

    If these folks are so smart, why the H E double hockey sticks haven’t they put their proposals on the docket already ? .. why do we have to wait until they get elected President ?
    If their ideas are so great, doesn’t America deserve them today ? Why shouldn’t we be bitter and frustrated that they won’t share, at least not for another 9 months, till their President ?

    I can look into and see that Obama hasn’t submitted bills to solve these problems. Shoot .. he and Hiliary are in the majority party of both chambers. So why the wait ?

    Do they think that we are that dense ?
    Yes, they do .. or perhaps Obama hasn’t found the “in” basket yet.

  4. Lorica says:

    T-Steel, I live in IL, and I can’t see why anyone would like BO. He is just another Democrat. Since he was elected to the US Senate he has done pretty much nothing, well with the exception of run for the presidency. BO is a follower, who has been propped up to look like a leader. A real leader wouldn’t have made the horrible comments about small town America that he made, just to pander to the prejuduces of elitist Democrats for campaign cash. A real leader would have challenged the prejudices that left coast liberals have about “fly over” country. It also proves just how little he understands the everyday, work-a-day people that really do make this country the great place to live. I live is small town America, and Chicago is just a couple of hours away from where I live. I haven’t been there since 1996, and if I never step foot in that place again, it will be a good life. I am sorry, T-Steel, but there is really nothing to like about BO. It’s all the same BS that we have heard from Dems for years, and that is the reason I left the Dem party. – Lorica

  5. T-Steel says:

    Lorica, I’m not going to get into “fly over” country talk at all. Between Obama’s “bitter” and Clinton “I’m a drinking gal, see, I’m really am”, I’m done with that entire episode. I politely retreat to the third party exile that I have called home since I started voting.

    I’m not in IL so you have more insight into BO than I have. When I say I “like” Senator Obama, the “like” has more to do with the “black folk vision of the 1st black president”. Probably shallow and I’m man enough to admit that a portion of my “black psyche” yearns to see the 1st black president. But I have to admit, BO is looking like the wrong “1st” and I’m really starting to get into the viewpoints of Michael Steele.

  6. Baklava says:

    tsteele wrote, “I politely retreat to the third party exile that I have called home since I started voting.

    You voted for Bush twice then. :)

    Amen to Michael Steele !!!

    If you didn’t notice, I added an ‘e’ to your screen name in honor of Michael ! :o

  7. Lorica says:

    Well T-Steel, I will agree with you about Michael Steele. He seems like a true man of integrity, and the Republican Party is blessed to count this man within it’s organization. I also hope and pray that he goes far in the Republican Party. I still wish JC Watts would come out of retirement, so to speak. – Lorica

  8. camojack says:

    I learned something I didn’t know about Wright in this excellent audio commentary (2 min) by Daniel Schoor. LINK
    Comment by tom @ 4/15/2008 – 11:20 am

    I learned something that I didn’t know about “Reverend” Wright in this article; he went to the same high school I did… :o