Senator Obama lies again about another McCain remark

Posted by: ST on April 20, 2008 at 11:19 am

MSNBC’s First Read reports how Obama has taken McCain to task for recent remarks he has made on the economy:

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Obama didn’t let go of his attack on McCain in Williamsport yesterday afternoon, continuing to criticize the Republican nominee for a comment that he made about the economy making progress under George W. Bush.

“Our economy is in shambles,” Obama said before listing off statistics about how a community likes Williamsport had been affected over the last few years, citing losses in manufacturing jobs at sewing plants and window plants in the area.

“Lycoming County unemployment is at its highest point in three years and family incomes aren’t keeping up with the rest of the country,” Obama said. (Williamsport is in Lycoming.)

“Now, that’s what’s going on here, but I don’t need to tell you this, it’s going on all across the country. John McCain yesterday said that we are, that, that during George Bush’s tenure, the economy actually made great progress. That’s his quote,” Obama said.

However, the attack, like the one earlier today parsed McCain’s comments, quoting him on saying that the economy had grown but not including the fact that McCain acknowledged job losses and had said that the economic statistics brought “no comfort” to those suffering the most from the recent downturn.

Obama, himself, earlier in the day at a town hall in Erie, also acknowledged that the economy had made progress.

“Our economy actually expanded over the last seven years, that’s true,” he said, before going on to talk about how the expansion was unprecedented because wages had not increased along with the rise in GDP.

Obama, parsing McCain’s statements yesterday, added: “Now, keep in mind, this is a guy who called me out of touch.”

Thankfully as you can see from the bolded part of what I quoted, MSNBC called Obama out on what they imply is a gross distortion of McCain’s comments on the economy. The following video cuts right to the core of Obama’s attack, and proves that it’s more than just a gross distortion – it’s an outright lie (via Instapundit):

First it was his repeated lies about McCain’s “hundred years in Iraq” statement. Now this.

Is this is supposed to represent moving beyond the “politics of the past”? Senator Obama has once again proven that when it comes to saying what you mean and meaning what you say, his talk is nothing but, well, “just words.” And crowds as big as 35,000 continue to be mesmerized by these blatant lies, because Obama makes them “feel good” about themselves as part of some sort of “movement” …. a movement full of the same types of lies and distortions he and his campaign routinely criticize his opponent for. All with the eager help of so many in the mainstream media who also have been hoodwinked into “believing” his bogus “message” about the “politics of hope and change.”


Related: Tom Maguire discusses Obama’s record on gun control, and it’s not good news at all for supporters of the 2nd amendment.

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8 Responses to “Senator Obama lies again about another McCain remark”


  1. Proof says:

    “Our economy is in shambles”

    Yeah! That 95% employment is tough! Shambles? In the words of Inigo Montoya,

    ” I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  2. Tom TB says:

    It will be entertaining to hear Barack Obama try to reconcile an individual’s Right to keep and bear arms IN THEIR OWN HOMES, with a municipality’s “right” to prevent individuals from doing just that! The D.C. Supreme Court case is as much about the 4th amendment as it is about the 2nd.

  3. forest hunter says:

    If the Presidential candidate who’s middle name shall not be used likes to shoot himself in the foot, wouldn’t it be better if he pulled it out of his mouth first and while he’s at it, extract his head?

    That Russian beauty that Putin is fawning over could learn some new moves from the Presidential candidate who’s middle name shall not be used.

  4. yo says:

    This guy is going from bad to worse and he’s drawing crowds of 35,000 people to hear his nonsense.:-w

    It’s like people couldn’t care less what is going on, they just want to be part of the movement.

    This guy is trying to usher in the most serious threat of neo-communism this country has ever seen and the crowds are oblivious.:-w

    I think we are beginning to see how certain historical movements came to power. I would never have believed that the “hate America” movement could get this kind of traction. When you package it as hope and change, the masses eyes just seem to glaze over.


  5. neo-communisim? Nothing new about it! :x

    Obama will be in for a rude shock when the general campaign starts this summer and he gets a dose of reality, if he thinks the questions in the last debate are tough, wait for the summer and fall. Wait for the 527 ads to come out and expose him for the socialist he is.

  6. Pensive Koala says:

    I’ve watched and read all the links you gave here, and I’m not really impressed by the accusations of plagiarism. Most of the “stolen” phrases are part of America’s intellectual culture; saying someone stole “yes we can” is like saying it’s possible to steal “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Others were simply him using the same words that his supporters had used in support of him.

    In any case, it’s important to note that as far as his speeches go, the man is just a face and a voice, just like McCain and Clinton. Not a single word of it is his. If you’re going to accuse a candidate of plagiarism, you should accuse them all of it, and pass a law requiring political speeches to be written by the speakers.

    As far as the statements on the economy go, I’ve looked at both the statements of both politicians and at the raw data. As Obama stated, the economy has indeed been in trouble in terms of the average worker’s wage and employment in Lycoming County, relative to past figures. The problem is being inflated to try to get votes, certainly, just as McCain is inflating the good state of the economy to try to get votes. There’s nothing extraordinary going on on either candidate’s part, and we should all move on to the issues instead of fighting to see which candidates’ supporters can find the most dirt on the others.

  7. Great White Rat says:

    Koala, you might want to stick to the point. I don’t see anyone in this thread talking about plagiarism except you.

    As for the actual substance of the thread, you seem to have missed this part of the original post:

    However, the attack, like the one earlier today parsed McCain’s comments, quoting him on saying that the economy had grown but not including the fact that McCain acknowledged job losses and had said that the economic statistics brought “no comfort” to those suffering the most from the recent downturn.

    And you think there’s “nothing extraordinary” in that.

    In other words, your logic is approximately this: Obama is lying about McCain’s comments. Everyone knows all politicians lie. Therefore, no big deal, and Obama gets a pass. I see. Thanks for clearing that us for us dolts who still thinks our candidates shouldn’t be professional Pinocchios. l-)

  8. And someone (Koala) needs to understand what plagiarism is to start with. /:) That’s what you call passing off someone else’s work as you own without giving credit where credit is due. What BO is doing is lying about what McCain said in order to make political hay with it. He did it with Iraq and he’s doing it now. Because the MSM is in his back pocket they won’t call him on it and when the ‘swift boat’ ads start he’ll simply drop the race card on them and go merrily on his way safe knowing that when you accuse someone of racism they’re guilty with no trial.