Clinton will likely take the West Virginia and Kentucky primaries in a landslide

If these poll numbers are any indication, it’s all over but the crying for Barry O. as far as the upcoming West Virginia and Kentucky primaries are concerned.

Both states have high populations of working class white Democrats who have not warmed up to Obama. I think Hillary’s sticking around in the Dem nomination race, in part, for reasons like this – to show that states like West Virginia and Kentucky won’t be on the table for Democrats in the fall because a majority of working class white Dems won’t vote for Obama.

The Kentucky poll also suggests that Kentucky may not be much of a battleground state during the general election as McCain currently leads Hillary by 12 and Obama by 25. Kentucky has correctly picked the winner of presidential elections since 1964.

And speaking of McCain, will a Bob Barr Libertarian presidential run hurt his chances of winning in the fall? Alex Knapp at Outside the Beltway says “yes.” Robert Stacy McCain has a link round-up of news stories on Barr’s announcement.

Plus: The Ron Paulnuts aren’t done yet.

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