McCain on Obama’s refusal to go to Iraq

Fox News’ Urgent Queue has a rough draft of a speech McCain made earlier today in Reno, NV. The money quote:

14:19:27 obama said he wants to sit down w/ ahmadinejad w/o preconditions. 14:20:07 this is a country that sends the most lethal devices to kill americans. why isnt obama would sit down with iran byt hasnt sat down with our leaders in iraq petraues. 14:20:35 i look forward to continue this debate with obama & sen clinton as well. 14:20:45 my dedication to this nation , i’m not going to worry about political consequences.

Can’t wait to see video of this. Vets For Freedom put an ad out a few days ago wondering why Obama was willing to meet with some of the world’s most notorious despots, but not our commanders in Iraq. They released a similar ad today.


Update – 4:32 PM: Here’s the more official story from Fox.

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