New McCain ad portrays Obama as a celebrity

I rarely post campaign ads, but this one is creating waves, so it’s worth posting:

Note the brief images of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears at the beginning as the ad tries to portray Obama as a more a celebrity than presidential candidate.   I think the ad’s pretty on point, but apparently I’m just not “getting it” because, according to liberal Josh Marshall, this ad has racist undertones in it because it …  features white promiscuous women:

I note with interest today, John McCain’s new tactic of associating Barack Obama with oversexed and/or promiscuous young white women. (See today’s new ad and this from yesterday.) Presumably, a la Harold Ford 2006, this will be one of those strategies that will be a matter of deep dispute during the campaign and later treated as transparent and obvious once the campaign is concluded.

Psssst! Hey, you! Yeah, you.  Come over here! (Whispers in ear): Is that a racist Republican boogeyman in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?    >:)

Update: This is hysterical: SF Chron columnist: Obama’s the first “Asian-American” president.

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