Bubba can’t find it within himself to endorse Obama (NEW VIDEO LINK ADDED)

I watched part of this interview last night on ABC.

He’s still (understandably) fuming about how Obama played the race card against him and Hillary during the primaries, and is still coming across as “bitter.” (wonder if he clings to guns?) Can’t really say as I blame him on that point, considering how Obama did the same thing to McCain just last week. I can’t feel a whole lot of sympathy for Clinton re: the race card playing, tho, considering how he and his wife have demagogued the issue for years.

In any event, the interview gets rather animated at times. Click below to watch the 8 minute Good Morning America segment:

He laughably claims he was not looking fwd to living in the WH again. Riiight!

Wed PM Update – 7:26 PM: Looks like YouTube took down the original vid, possibly due to copyright considerations (cough). Here’s a link to another one, which includes most of the interview.

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