HuffPo writer: McCain’s “The One” ad portrays Obama as the “anti-Christ”

Check out the video I’ve got on the right side column.  Then read this drivel. 

The far left is damn trip, I swear.  The “Celeb” ad was “racist,” “anti-Jew,” had “rape yo’ daughter” undertones,” and possibly deliberately contained “phallic symbols” … and now this about McCain’s latest ad. 

These people need to get a freaking grip.

I don’t know if the ads are helping McCain any, but I personally think they are catchy enough to get attention (they’ve certainly got people talking) yet contain good digs on Obama’s lack of substance and experience, and how he has – in large measure – gotten to the point he has by playing up the celebrity angle of his candidacy with the adoring masses.   He’s got more serious ads out there, too, of course, but in an age where style is a big part of the overall package, the ads do their part in helping McCain appear a little “hip” in what may be an attempt at appealing to the younger generations while at the same time making light of his opponent in a way that is not nasty or slimy.

Then again, if he is trying to appeal to young people, one wonders why after you watch this stupid AP “report” on comparing Obama and McCain’s “coolness”:


Speaking of McCain and ads, AdAge is reporting that, like Obama, McCain is going to launch a massive ad campaign during the summer Olympics – except he’ll be spending a $1 million more than the O-man. 

McCain: In it to win it :)

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