Tonight’s faith Q&A with Rev. Rick Warren, McCain and Obama

Are any of ya’ll going to watch the  “Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency,” conducted by the popular Rev. Rick Warren, author of the mega-selling Christian book Purpose-Driven Life?  It’ll be two hours of faith-related questions directed to both McCain and Obama, who will get an hour each with Rev. Warren: 

On CNN’s “The Situation Room” earlier this week, Warren said he won’t play the role of a political pundit or ask “gotcha” questions, but rather tackle four areas of interest: the role of the presidency in government, leadership, the candidates’ worldviews and America’s role internationally.

The Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency will be carried on CNN TV and It will be the last time the two candidates share the same stage before their parties’ conventions. Three debates between the two are scheduled after the conventions.

Warren said he’s focused on asking both presumptive nominees questions that “don’t have a lot wiggle room.”

“But I do want to know how they handle a crisis, because a lot of the things in the presidency often deal with things you don’t know are going to happen, that we don’t know will happen in the next four years. … There are a lot of different things you can deal with in the life of a leader that will tell us more about the candidate than some of the typical questions,” he said.

I probably skip out, and instead read some liveblogs of the program later.  It doesn’t sound like the questions Warren will ask will be particularly meaningful, like whether or not Obama thinks its ok as a Christian to falsely accuse your opponent of racism. Or if approves of the types of attacks the pro-Obama liberal Christian PAC Matthew 25 is making against McCain, and whether or not he really believes that the Sermon on the Mount justifies civil unions.  Nor do I suspect we’ll hear any questions about his 20 year mentorship with Rev. Wright.

I think I hear the full laundry basket calling my name.

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Update 1 – 8:45 PM: Ann Althouse is liveblogging the Q&A.  I’m watching it on and off as I do things around the house.

Update 2 – 9:15 PM: I’m watching some of McCain’s answers to Warren’s questions.  He’s doing well, and looks more human and real than at any other time since the start of his campaign.  Obama seemed very uncomfortable with how to answer some of the questions.  McCain looks like he’s right at home – and Warren is asking him the same questions he did Obama.

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