The gloves are off (MORE: REZKO VIDEO ADDED)

Marc Ambinder details a new ad the McCain campaign is getting ready to run against Obama that relates to his ties to convicted felon Tony Rezko, as well as a new ad done by a 527, which will air in Ohio and Michigan, that links Obama and Bill Ayers.

Here’s the 527 ad:

Team Obama is crying foul over the 527 ad, claiming that the 527 group is a “front group” for Mccain. They’re also not happy about the news of McCain’s upcoming Rezko ad (which I haven’t seen) but hey, they opened the door with the Jack Abramoff ad and the latest Obama ad which talks about McCain’s numerous houses.

Something tells me in a few days they’ll be wishing they’d kept that door bolted shut.

(Via ST reader Anthony)

Update: Just released – the new Rezko ad:

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