Getting ugly in Denver: Malkin attacked, harassed at Recreate 68 protest

** Update 2 – 6:46 PM: Click here for a newer post with new video**


The nasty Recreate 68 gang/Alex Jones Truther crowd got even uglier than normal yesterday.  Gateway Pundit has video and photos of a disturbing incident involving threats and intimidation of Michelle Malkin as she tried to film the goings-on at the protest.  Pajamas Media will have more exclusive photos and video, including an interview with Malkin herself, later today. 

I can’t view the YouTube vid at the moment, so I can’t tell whether or not there was any physical assault, but from the way I’ve read it described, it was a very ugly incident  (and included shouts of “Kill Michelle Malkin!”) whether there was an actual physical assault or not. 

These dumba**es clearly have no shame (pardon my French). x(

Update – 11:09 AM: Via ST reader steveegg comes Stephen Green’s brief report on what happened:

The PJTV video crew, plus blogger (and PJM contributor) Charlie Martin, Michelle Malkin and myself gathered — along with the more police and press than protestors — to do what we thought would be a fun little puff piece.  And the pieces were certainly all in place: there was a guy wearing a silver and knock-off Oakleys, and his parter in metaphysical crime under the purple wizard hat.  Then came the drums, the chants, the confetti, and — surprisingly enough — a continuing just-standing-there by a rather large and solid stone building.  Let the snark begin!

Then things got ugly.

9/11 “Truther” and all-around rabble-rouser Alex Jones was there, and recognized Michelle.  Soon he was in her face, easily five times her size, shouting and threatening.  He wasn’t alone.  Charlie got an elbow in the kidney.  Our Intrepid Video Dude, Andrew Marcus, got right in the middle of it, and got some great video.

But the shouting and shoving got worse, the cops did little, and the best we could do was to make our way out without further escalation.

In the end, no one was hurt — or even much rattled.  But we did have an interesting, exciting even, five minutes.  And the Denver Mint never even so much as shrugged.

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