GOP Convention – Day 4: McCain’s night (MULTIPLE UPDATES)

Posted by: ST on September 4, 2008 at 7:03 pm

RNC 2008Update 3 – 10:04 PM: They’re showing Mc’s video bio now. I’m actually looking fwd to this speech. For all the differences conservatives have had with him, he’s come a long way and he deserves props for that. Long career in the military, 30 years in Congress. And now, presidential nominee. Congrats, Senator.

— Good grief! What’s with the friggin’ spotlight stuff? Overdone …

– Thanks/praises Pres. Bush – good for him. Now he’ll highlight how he’s a maverick …

– Looks like they caught an anti-war protester.

– Cindy is more my inspiration than I am hers. Praises his mother.

– Transcript of the speech.

– Praises Obama, says we’re Americans first more than party members. But says we’re going to win the election.

– Another anti-war protester caught.

– And again. Idiots.

– Talks about Gov. Palin’s record.

– Mc’s pumped up. “Change is coming.”

– I will veto pork projects, and you will know the names of the pork barrel spenders.

– Supported surge when it wasn’t popular.

– I’d rather lose an election than see my country lose a war. Praises military, General Petraeus.

– What you fight for is more important than the fact that you can fight.

– Says gov’t’s gotten too big thanks to Rs and Ds, and we lost the trust of the American people thanks to a few corruptocrats.

– Education is the civil right of this era. Promotes school vouchers.

– Getting ready to talk energy policy.

– Foreign policy next.

– Shows support for Georgia. Talks about Russia’s aggression.

– He’s showcasing his foreign policy creds now. Really distinguishing himself from Barry O.

– I’ll appoint Dems, Independents in my admin. We need to get things done in Washington – we can share the credit.

– The seriousness of this speech versus Obama’s is very obvious, IMO. Obama’s was almost child-like and petulant at times. McCain’s is adult. I’ve found Mc to be a little negative at times, tho.

– Talks about POW experience. Says it taught him to grow up.

– I’m not president because I think I’ve been anointed to be president.

– There’s the optimism! Excellent.

– My quick review: It certainly wasn’t Palin-esque, but it wasn’t supposed to. His speech was meant to draw contrasts between him and Senator Obama in terms of experience, policy, and how he’ll reach out to both parties to get things done. His most powerful points in the speech were the ones he made about his POW experience, and how it made him a man, and how he segued it into how this country is worth fighting for. The contrasts between McCain and Obama are stark, and I think he made an effective case tonight.

– Now the families are on stage, and they’re playing Heart’s “Barracuda” – nice :D

– Mc’s gone into the crowd to shake hands. Can’t find where Gov. Palin is.

Found another person who thinks the big screen is too much.

Update 2 – 9:27 PM: Ok – Graham and Ridge have spoken. Mrs. McCain is up next.

Is it just me or does anyone thing that big jumbo screen is annoying?

– Wow – great bio video on Cindy McCain. I didn’t know the level of her humanitarian work.

– Good speech. If you didn’t know a lot about her, you definitely do now.

Update 1 – 8:57 PM: Sen. Lindsey Graham will be speaking next. I think I’ll have something else to do until the next speaker, Cindy McCain, takes the stage at around 9:30.

Well, tonight’s the final night of the GOP convention in St. Paul, and the stage is being set (literally) for Senator McCain to officially accept his party’s nomination of him for POTUS (speech excerpts here). No way he wows the crowd in the way Gov. Palin did last night, but I’m sure it will be moving enough. I’m hearing from multiple sources that Mc is going to take some pretty sharp digs in at Barry Oh! By the way, he’ll be competing with the NFL season-opener, so his ratings probably won’t be as strong as Gov. Palin’s and Obama’s were (of course, they may not have been even without the NFL game). Don Surber, meanwhile, has some advice for Senator McCain.

Here’s tonight’s schedule, and you can view events as they happen on C-SPAN and UStream.

While the mediots and other liberal critics of Gov. Palin are still picking their jaws up off the floor, here’s the latest political news:

—– Hearts were aflutter last week after it was reported that 38 million people watched Barackus descend from above and speak from his Greek temple. Guess how many watched Gov. Palin last night? 37.2 million – and it wasn’t even covered on as many networks as Obama’s:

The Sarah Palin speech generated 37.2 million viewers, just 1.1 million viewers short of Barack Obama’s record-breaking speech on Day 4 of the Democratic Convention. The Palin speech was carried on only six networks while the Obama speech was carried on ten (including BET, TV One, Univision and Telemundo).

Palin attracted a large female audience (19.5 million women, or 4.9 million more than Day 3 of the Democratic Convention).

She attracted more total viewers than La Clinton, too.

Not bad at all for a gal who had to wing her way through some of her speech due to teleprompter issues (. Gosh only knows how Senator Obama would have reacted …

—– And even more great news: Mc was behind Obama by 8 points over the weekend, and has made it up to where they are now tied, as per the latest CBS poll numbers. Keep in mind that these numbers do not include Gov. Palin’s speech. Looking fwd to seeing post-convention poll numbers to see what kind of bounce McPalin will get. On the other hand, Gallup is showing no dent in Obama’s 8 point lead in the daily Obama/McCain tracking polls.

—– Here we go again: Gov. Palin has been accused of “slashing” funds again, this time for special needs children. Like the previous “slashing funds” story, this one, too, has been debunked.

—– Wow … Obama’s now admitting that the surge was a success beyond our “wildest dreams.” He did so in a sit down interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, which is scheduled to air tonight. Read more and watch a sneak preview vid here. Does this mean he’s going to admit now that he would have voted for the surge had he known then what he knows now? He said back in July he still would have voted against the surge, even knowing then what he knows now.

—– And speaking of Obama, some of his staunch supporters are upset at the cracks Gov. Palin and Rudy took last night at community organizers. Tom Maguire has humorous commentary on the “outrage,” as always. I wonder if those same folks will express outrage, too, over Obama’s dismissal of “small town mayors” as though it’s not a real job? Not holding my breath.

—– Community organizers and their supporters might not have appreciated Sen. Palin’s speech last night, but hockey moms sure did.

—– Even better than a dis from Senator Harry Reid: Radical feminista Gloria Steinem wrote a critical piece on Gov. Palin today, exclaiming, “Sarah Palin shares nothing but a chromosome with Hillary Clinton.” Thank God. (h/t: Carol Platt Liebau)

—– Here’s the Gov. Palin bio video that the RNC didn’t air last night (they will tonight):


—– And speaking of videos, the video of Gov. Palin’s youngest daughter Piper giving baby brother Trig a “spit comb” has gone viral. Too cute!

—– The woman who wrote the Us magazine cover story on Gov. Palin that has generated a lot of controversy this week claims she is voting for McCain-Palin. Hmm.

—– Anti-GOP protesters are out in full force today in advance of Mc’s speech. Terrorism-related charges have been filed against some of the ringleaders of the phoney “RNC Welcoming Committee” in St. Paul for the anarchy and chaos they have both promoted and engaged in. Prepare for the howls of “free speech suppression” to commence shortly.

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  • 12 Responses to “GOP Convention – Day 4: McCain’s night (MULTIPLE UPDATES)”


    1. benning says:

      Is it just me, or is Bill Frist a terrible public speaker? Yeesh!/:)

    2. ChenZhen says:


      Not as bad as Mary Fallin. That was terrible.

      Anyway, you know, I should really chime in on something that ST posted:

      And speaking of Obama, some of his staunch supporters are upset at the cracks Gov. Palin and Rudy took last night at community organizers. Tom Maguire has humorous commentary on the “outrage” as always. I wonder if those same folks will express outrage, too, over Obama’s dismissal of “small town mayors” as though it’s not a real job? Not holding my breath.

      I’d say that Rudy took more of a shot at the community organizers than Palin, but there is a significant difference between them and the mayors. I mean, these are the people who are helping out where the government is falling short. These are the people addressing the problems or crime and poverty etc.; the cause “greater than oneself” that this ticket supposedly embraces. Instead, the people who are out there trying to address the consequences of failed policies are now frowned upon. Strange. In fact, I think we’ve approached the surreal parallel universe where beauty queens are mocking community organizers.

      Anyway, Obama was rebutting a specific critique on the level of executive experience. He didn’t say “small town mayor, what is that?” a la Rudy, and it certainly wasn’t delivered with the snideness a la Palin.

      Oh well, hopefully for Palin, losin the community organizer vote was worth it. All those people from across the political spectrum doing God’s work and all that.

    3. Trcycr says:

      I, too, felt things got a little snarky last night, after a certain point, but admit revelling in a just a little equal time for the RNC. The dems have taken shots all over Palin’s bow.. at least she had the tenacity and self respect to aim her targets where they belonged.

      Yes that is the world’s most annoying background.. and i imagine more distracting when you’re there… although from home it looks a bit like sci fi blue screen… will Mc be beaming in this evening?

      Had not heard Cindy speak.. another well spoken, approachable intelligent republican woman – was wondering about the amount of time reserved for a candidates mate, not just running mate, but the wisdom of it is becomes wonderfully obvious.

      Obama was looking for change…. i think we’ve already found it … and on THIS side of the rainbow.

    4. Lorica says:

      Tony Snow would be so proud at this moment. :) – Lorica

    5. Lloyd says:

      “- I’ll appoint Dems, Independents in my admin….”

      Because that worked out so well for President Bush. Doesn’t anyone remember that “W” campaigned on his bi-partisan governing style in Texas?

      How many of the liberals and Democrats that Bush appointed spent their time in his administration screwing up their jobs, leaking false stories to reporters and after being fired writing books all about how eeevil George Bush is?

      How many? All of them!

      And McCain vows to give us more of the same instead of appointing patriots.

      This is why I am voting for Palin, not McCain.

    6. Great White Rat says:

      these are the people who are helping out where the government is falling short.

      Ah, I see. So Obama the community organizer was helping out in Chicago where the government fell short.

      Little known fact: the government in Chicago is run by the Democrat party machine.

      So the government that “fell short” is run by Obama’s own party. In fact, he’s an operative in that same party.

      Logical conclusion: you are telling us that Obama’s task as a community organizer was to step in where he and his cohorts had already failed.

      Seems to me that if the Chicago Democrats did the job right the first time, the so-called community organizing wouldn’t have been necessary. That’s hardly a great recommendation, especially since he made no attempt to make that organization work better for the “community”.

      These are the people addressing the problems or crime and poverty etc.

      Aha…so judging by the results, it’s safe to say he was a failure at that task.

      Unless, of course, “community organizer” really means something different. Like, maybe, teaming up with organizations like ACORN that pad voting rolls with phantom voters, perhaps?

    7. benning says:

      Even though the Convemntions hope to showcase their candidates for the entire voting public, they remain the place for the Party faithful to gnaw on the blood and bones of their political opponents. As such, all the snarkiness in the world is fine by me!

      I thought Palin was perfect. She was snarky where that was needed, reflective where that was needed. Effective and dead on!