The gift

While The Usual Suspects are (predictably) panning Gov. Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech last night before the GOP convention, I’d just like to say one thing:

Thanks, Senator McCain.

McCain, whether he knows it or not, has given a great gift to the Republican party in the form of Gov. Sarah Palin.  Of course, she’s been in public service for a while and the people of Alaska already know her and know her well,  but this year we’ve all gotten the chance to get to know her better – and not just over the last few days.  Many of us poljunkies were reading about Gov. Palin way before she ever became the veep nominee.  And now she’s in the national spotlight, and Americans – Republican and Democrat alike - are getting a chance to see why the Republican base loves her so much.  She has energized this party in a way that few “big name” Republicans today ever could at a time when we need it most: Two months before the general election, where we face an uphill battle from the most inexperienced presidential nominee in modern history.  Some of the same Republicans who were considering (or who had already made the decision to)  staying at home in November are saying now they won’t.  Many are contributing to the McCain campaign for the first time.

This party is pumped up, revved up, and ready to rumble. 

Whatever happens in November, even if we lose, in the end the future of the Republican party wins, in part, because of strong, assertive, competent, intelligent, charismatic voices like Gov. Sarah Palin’s (and Gov. Bobby Jindal’s) that we will be hearing in the  years to come.   That will be the gift that keeps on giving beyond November, even if Team O’Biden takes the White House.

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