Bob Owens writes:

Sorry, all you folks with Obama ’08 bumper stickers, Obama buttons, and Obama-Biden bumper stickers on your car, you aren’t “Obama/Biden Democrats” Even though you’ve contributed money to the campaign, and think Obama is the best thing since sliced bread, and your proudly think of your self as an Obama Democrat, you aren’t. Why? Because Jake Tapper and Mark Murray say so.

He wrote that in response to a bogus story being pushed by MSNBC’s Mark Murray and the normally sensible Jake Tapper from ABC News about a fundraising email sent by the McCain/Palin campaign that referenced how, “the Obama/Biden Democrats have been vicious in their attacks directed toward me [Palin], my family and John McCain.”

Murray and Tapper are suggesting that Gov. Palin’s email was saying it was either Obama, Biden, and/or their campaign staff and surrogates who have made vicious attacks on her and her family. As Owens noted in a comment on Tapper’s blog (a comment which has “mysteriously” disappeared) “Obama/Biden Democrats” means more than just the campaign and people working directly for it:

The actual candidates will of course take the high road, but it is rabid Obama/Biden supporters in the blogosphere and media–including your counterpart Brian Ross–that smear Palin and her family.

On the Blotter, Ross tried to portray a 1997 lawsuit filed against thrown out by a judge as a current scandal. The judge dismissed it for having no merit. But spin away, boys! It is what you do.

[J]ust this week Obama-supporting media have accused Obama of slashing funding for special needs programs when she actually raised them 175%, just as she was accused of slashing funding for pregnancy prevention programs when she raised those as well.

The Obama media lies about Sarah Palin, and then won’t retract.

But are you referring to lies against her family only? How about the fevered insistence of left-wing “journalists” that Trig Palin was the son of his sister? How about media claims that Levi Johnston was being forced into a “shotgun marriage” with Bristol Palin, when they were already hoping to get married before they found out she was pregnant?

Shame on him for introducing facts into the discussion! PrestoPundit is on the same page:

Notice how the lie has become obvious in the latest Murray version, “Unless we’re mistaken, neither Obama nor Biden nor the campaign has attacked Palin’s family.” Of course, the email explicitly never says Obama, Biden or the Obama campaign, it says “Obama-Biden Democrats” (the Daily Kos folks, etc.) sort of like Obama is constantly talking about the “Bush-Cheney Republicans” and the “Bush-Cheney Presidency”, etc.

Not only that, but let’s not forget one nasty, low road attack that did come from the Obama campaign, when Obama surrogate Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) and Obama spokesman Mark Bubriski, both reached for the gutter by insinuating that Gov. Palin was a “Nazi sympathizer” because she supposedly supported Pat Buchanan, who they both called a “Nazi sympathizer” (he’s not, and she didn’t support him). Bubriski has since retracted his claim, but as far as I know, Wexler has not.

Bottom line: In attempting to debunk an email Gov. Palin sent about vicious bogus attacks on her and her family made by “Obama/Biden Democrats,” Tapper and Murray (and others in the MSM) are issuing bogus attacks of their own by asserting that Gov. Palin said something she never did, and then to make matters worse they proceed to argue against it. That’s what’s commonly known as a “strawman.” Both Tapper and Murray should know better.

Update: I see that the Associated Press is insinuating something about Gov. Palin that isn’t true regarding Alaska’s Personnel Board in a piece on the “Troopergate” controversy:

[Palin’s attorney] Van Flein wants the state personnel board to conduct the probe, not the legislature. The board members are gubernatorial appointees.

That implies that Van Flein wants the personnel board to conduct the “Troopergate” probe because they are appointees of Governor Palin. As I pointed out a couple of days ago (scroll), all three members of the board are Murkowski appointees, with one (Debra English) being reappointed by Gov. Palin earlier this year.

For once, just once, I wish the mainstream media could write a story about Gov. Palin that didn’t include information in it that either insinuates things that are not true or outright lies about her record. I guess that’s just asking too much, as Michael Graham points out here.

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