Charlie Gibson’s interview with Gov. Palin

Did any of ya’ll get a chance to watch the interview that ABC’s Charlie Gibson did with Gov. Palin tonight on their evening news? They were short clips, and thankfully we’ll be seeing more on Nightline later tonight (and supposedly some will be aired tomorrow) because just about everything she said was edited, for brevity, I assume. Here are excerpts from the interview, as well as a video clip.

I think she did fine in spite of the fact that, as K.Lo notes here, Gibson was condescending towards the Governor, acting as though he had to explain the world to her, and you could tell by the look on her face that she wasn’t happy about it – but she kept it together. Allah notes here that Gibson got one of her quotes wrong, which she tried to call him on but he would have nothing of it.

He asked her if she agreed with the Bush doctrine, and she in turn asked him what he meant – because clearly different people have different interpretations of what the “Bush doctrine” actually is … and that’s especially true if you’re a left-leaning journalist like Gibson interviewing a conservative Republican like Gov. Palin. It was a “gotcha” style question that she didn’t take the bait on. Tom Maguire hits the nail on the head with this post: Gov. Palin actually sounded more prepared than the man interviewing her. MM thinks ABC blew the whole interview. From the way they hyped it, and judging by Gibson’s looking down on the Gov. like she was a high school junior, I would say that assessment is pretty close to the mark. I think that under the circumstances, it’s fairly obvious who came out of “round 1” shining like a rose, and it certainly wasn’t Charlie Gibson.

Memeo has more blogger reax. You’ll be surprised to see that The Usual Suspects are taking Gov. Palin’s words out of context already and suggesting that she’s as big a “warmonger” as the President. Surprise surprise.

Update: NRO’s Corner continues to document liberal blogger and PDS sufferer Josh Marshall’s rapid march off of the left wing cliff.

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