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Lots to talk about this morning – not sure how much time I’ll have so I’m going to condense a few hot topics into one post.

—– First up: In a must-read, NRO’s Byron York explains how McCain’s ad hitting Obama on his support for sex ed to be taught to kindergartners was “not a lie” as has been reported by outlets like FactCheck.  Even I thought it was stretching the truth, but after reading this piece, what he voted for was more than just related to “good touch/bad touch.”  Carol Platt Liebau has more, including a video clip of Obama speaking to Planned Parenthood about “age appropriate” sex education, and concludes at the end of her post, “Much of the press, which has gleefully denounced the ad, owes Senator McCain an apology.”

—– Check out how the Obama campaign is targeting yet another conservative journalist, this time, NRO’s David Freddoso merely because Freddoso has done a critical examination of Obama’s record and has written it in book form – and is promoting the book. This is disturbing, to say the least.

—– Check out these two very interesting poll numbers this morning: A new Quinnipiac University poll released this morning shows that McCain has narrowed Obama’s ten point lead to a MOE 3 points – in New Jersey. A Siena Research Institute poll shows that McCain has narrowed the gap between himself and Obama from 13 points to 5 – in New York.

I’m realistic and realize it’s an extreme longshot for Mc to win either of those two states, but the numbers show just how much the dynamics of this race have changed over the last month as the issues and the candidates take shape.

For more polling numbers, including those in key battleground states like Colorado, Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, bookmark these links: RCP, Election Projection, and Electoral Vote.

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