Hot Air’s been burning the midnight oil debunking the various fabrications and accusations, opinion pieces disguised as news stories, and misleading to just plain ol’ untruthful Obama campaign claims, and today was no exception. Make sure to check out the following posts:

—— Ed Morrissey wrote this morning about Obama’s criticism of McCain’s call for a bipartisan commission to study what led up to the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae/AIG/Lehman Bros. mess and how to fix it. Obama claimed that the word “commission” was Washington-speak for “We’ll get back to ya later.” While most of us would agree that commissions are pretty much useless when it comes to resolveing anything, unfortunately for Obama, as Ed points out in his post – with video included – Obama’s been a staunch advocate for commissions on a number of occasions. But this is one of those times that when a Republican advocates it, he’s going to be against it … just because. So much for “bipartisanship” – but then again, we already knew Obama’s claims to have a special skill in that arena were and are, simply put, flat out bogus.

—– The far left have been wetting themselves today over various reports from the mainstream mediots (reports, I should note, that were no doubt inspired by agenda-driven liberal bloggers) about how McCain supposedly either “dissed” or “did not know” who Spain’s prime minister is nor where Spain was on a map while doing a radio interview on Hispanic-related issues. AllahPundit chokes the life out of the argument here, while Pajamas Media’s Soeren Kern nails the final stake through the heart of this severely crediblity-challenged story.

And as a side note, isn’t it mighty interesting that the far left jumps all over this story as an example of McCain’s alleged “cluelessness” when it comes to foreign policy, yet they appear to have no issues whatsoever with Barack Obama’s vow to meet unconditionally with, well, anyone – including the despotic “leaders” of countries like North Korea and Iran? :-?

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