Attention NC conservatives: Gov. Palin coming to NC

She’ll be in Greenville, NC on Tuesday. The details of where and what time are here.

Wish I could go, but that’s too long of a drive for me (4 hours), especially on such short notice.

If anyone attends and takes pix and/or video, please email me and I’ll post it on the blog. Have fun!

BTW, I hope this isn’t the only visit she and/or McCain makes to NC, considering how competitive it has become (with help from the changing demographics of the state over the last 15 or so years – more on that here).

4 thoughts on “Attention NC conservatives: Gov. Palin coming to NC

  1. Yeah, I just found out Palin will be in Clearwater tomorrow, about a 45 minute drive. Doors open at 6am. Too early for me and I can’t off work. Grrrr….

  2. And both Senator McCain and Governor Palin are supposed to be in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Wednesday. But I’ve got a bridge deck pour on Wednesday, so I can’t go.

    I really hate it when work interferes with blogging and politics!

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