VIDEO: ACORN worker says, “We’re gonna beat McCain down”

Posted by: ST on October 10, 2008 at 7:35 pm

Here’s video of ACORN workers getting worked up for Obama outside of the McCain campaign office in Philadelphia (via Net Right Nation):

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to get your blood boiling about voter fraud perpetrated by ACORN in Pennsylvania (in addition to other states), make sure you read this.

The McCain campaign has a new 90 second web ad up about Obama’s extensive ties to ACORN. It’s been pulled from YouTube due to a copyright claim made by Fox News, but you can view it here.

In today’s “Did You Know?” segment, did you know that ACORN’s PAC endorsed Barack Obama back in February? The Obama campaign took enough pride in the endorsement to post it on The One’s website.

Sounds like a mutual admiration society, if you ask me …

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  • 11 Responses to “VIDEO: ACORN worker says, “We’re gonna beat McCain down””


    1. Aitch748 says:

      Given the shear size of ACORN’s vote fraud efforts, I know that if Obama wins, I doubt I’ll ever really believe that he won fair and square, even if he wins in a landslide. I think I would always look at him as the guy with the power who isn’t quite legitimate — a gangster who seized the Oval Office while the Department of Justice was looking the other way.

    2. I read the linked article on ACORN’s fraudulent activities in Pennsylvania. You’re right, ST, it does make my blood boil. Even if in reality they can’t do enough to steal the election for Obama, their criminal abuse of the process will taint any close election. They are doing tremendous harm to the democratic process in this country and their antics threaten to delegitimize whoever wins the election.

      This has got to stop. Now.

    3. NC Cop says:

      And in true democRAT form, the Ohio Sec. of State responds:

      Ohio Elections Official: Judge’s Ruling Spreading ‘Chaos’

      Ohio’s top election official accused a federal judge Friday of injecting “disorder” into the presidential race by ordering her to purge the state’s voter rolls of potentially fraudulent voters.

      Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, complained that U.S. District Judge George C. Smith’s ruling on Thursday “threatens to throw Ohio’s entire statewide [voter] database … into chaos.”

      Translation: How dare some federal judge inject the law in ACORN’s attempt to cheat for Obama!!!!!


    4. Jeanie says:

      The writing is on the wall. Obama is complicit, and allied with so many illicit groups, and people, it’s just unbelievable. What’s ever more unbelievable, are those supporters, when you put the truth in front of them, will support him no matter what. It makes me wonder sometimes. Are refreshements served at these rallies, and is kool aid literally a part of those refreshments?

    5. Scott says:

      It seems that the our first US AG Alberto Gonzales is largely vindicated today for firing attorneys generals in 6 sates for refusing to investigate voter fraud in their own districts.

      Those very same districts are investigating massive ACORN fraud NOW when they had documented evidence of this fraud in 2004.

      You can thank NY Democrat Senator Charles Schumer for this charade and the Big Medias collusion and corruption in their malfeasance reporting of this.

      The Democrat Party controlled worst and most unproductive congress in US history led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. :((

    6. Lorica says:

      Wow what a bunch of racists. This should be considered hate speech and they should all be thrown in jail. – Lorica

    7. GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET says:

      Then after the “beatdown” scum like this will want me to pay up for the counseling. Yeah! Right A**wipe.
      As for Scott’s outlook on this, the man is dead on. The best parts of schumer, pelosi and reid ended up on the sheets under their momma’s a**.
      If the leftards don’t like what I said, Oscar Foxtrot Whiskey!

    8. Denise says:

      Catch this Youtube before it “vanishes”


      Heartland Democratic Presidential Forum 12/07
      (forum exclusively for thousands of community organizers including Gamaliel and ACORN people)
      Obama said ACORN and friends, responsible for voting fraud and the subprime crisis, are going to be shaping policy for an obama presidency