Jesse Jackson gets in trouble with Obama campaign – again

Posted by: ST on October 14, 2008 at 8:09 pm

C’mon now, Jesse! You better shut up – Obama’s trying to win over skeptical Jewish voters, and you’re not helping matters. Didn’t you get the memo? You’re only supposed to talk this openly after the election (h/t: lawhawk):

PREPARE for a new America: That’s the message that the Rev. Jesse Jackson conveyed to participants in the first World Policy Forum, held at this French lakeside resort last week.

He promised “fundamental changes” in US foreign policy – saying America must “heal wounds” it has caused to other nations, revive its alliances and apologize for the “arrogance of the Bush administration.”

The most important change would occur in the Middle East, where “decades of putting Israel’s interests first” would end.

Jackson believes that, although “Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades” remain strong, they’ll lose a great deal of their clout when Barack Obama enters the White House.

“Obama is about change,” Jackson told me in a wide-ranging conversation. “And the change that Obama promises is not limited to what we do in America itself. It is a change of the way America looks at the world and its place in it.”

Jackson warns that he isn’t an Obama confidant or adviser, “just a supporter.” But he adds that Obama has been “a neighbor or, better still, a member of the family.” Jackson’s son has been a close friend of Obama for years, and Jackson’s daughter went to school with Obama’s wife Michelle.

The O-man’s campaign was quick to “deny” Jackson’s interpretation of Obama’s policy on the Israel/Palestinian conflict:

“Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. is not an adviser to the Obama campaign and is therefore in no position to interpret or share Barack Obama’s views on Israel and foreign policy,” Obama national security spokeswoman Wendy Morigi said in a statement.

“As he has made clear throughout his career and throughout this campaign, Barack Obama has a fundamental commitment to a strong U.S.-Israel relationship … As president, he will ensure that Israel can defend itself from every threat it faces, stand with Israel in its quest for a secure peace with its neighbors, and use all elements of American power to end Iran’s illicit nuclear program.

“No false charges can change Barack Obama’s unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security.”

Uh huh.

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  • 10 Responses to “Jesse Jackson gets in trouble with Obama campaign – again”


    1. NC Cop says:

      Ahhh Jesse. The hate-mongering, anti-Semitic, father a child out of wedlock guy….and you’re a REVEREND??!?!

    2. I’m surprised he didn’t say the magic word: “Hymietown.”

      Someone really needs to run this a lot in Florida. *-:)

    3. Steve Skubinna says:

      “No false charges can change Barack Obama’s unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security.”

      It must be tough – no sooner does the Big O toss the entire nation of Israel, and every American Jew under the bus, then he has to send a staffer to fish them out again. And now along comes Jesse with a whole nother bus.

    4. Marshall Art says:

      Aside from Euro libs and elements of radical fundie Islam, I believe we’re working well with our foreign friends. I have no doubt that our image is fine with those who matter most, the people running those countries. The average citizen doesn’t call the shots for everyday relations with other countries there anymore than we do here. And I also don’t think we can forget that Bush has maintained such relations. I wonder what the Italian, German, French AND British leaders think of our presidential choices?

    5. Lorica says:

      NC let’s not forget amateur casterator. :)) – Lorica

    6. Jeanie says:

      This issue disturbs me. It’s been long standing, that Israel is a firm ally of the U.S., and every president, has known, and abided that alliance.

      Now, we’re well aware of Mr. Jacksons feelings, and he probably shares a lot in common with Rev. Wright. Which bodes to , what does Obama REALLY feel.

      I’ve been waiting for the press to pounce on this, but alas…none have. At the last debate, and I haven’t gone back to look at the transcript, but at that last debate, a question was asked by a retired Naval Officer, about Israel, and if it were attacked.

      Without flinching….McCain said we’d be at their side, defending them. Obama….hemmed, and hawed, and finally said, that we would go thru the UN. By the time he, and all the arab nations made any decision on how to proceed….Israel would be gone. I can’t believe none of them have caught this.

      Just because other Arab nations don’t voice it like Iran does…doesn’t mean they don’t want the same outcome.

    7. Trish says:


      The press knows. They don’t want us to know. The American media don’t support Israel, but they know most Americans do, so they hush this kind of thing up.